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Interview Transcription Is Tedious but Important

Writers and reporters who strive for credibility in their written work will often record their source interviews. This vital step gives them an extra layer of protection should their information be called into question. And how many times have you heard a person in the news gripe, “I was misquoted!”

However, transcribing long recordings into a text document is a tedious task that writers and reporters generally dislike (“hate” isn’t too strong a term). If you’re a professional writer, you’ve got deadlines to worry about and research to do. And if you think transcription is a dull chore, you probably won’t give it your full attention. That’s why your best option is to hire a professional transcriptionist to handle it for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

Ready to start? Get interview transcription services now.

Hire a pro, and banish the tedium

An hour-long recording with your interviewee can take up to six (six!) hours to transcribe into a text document. You could use voice recognition software. But speech-to-text technology is not exactly accurate, unable to recognize the nuances of non-native English speakers, distinguish between homophones, or tell one speaker from another.

You’re a creative person, so don’t waste your talents on a monotonous task. If transcription isn’t your strength, you’ll take longer and make more errors. By delegating interview transcription to a professional transcription service, you’ll not only save time but also receive a better quality transcript in the end.

Take the first step to freeing up your valuable time. Place an order for high-quality interview transcription, a quick turnaround, and a price that won’t break your budget.

Explore transcription services

Flat-rate professional transcription with a social mission

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