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Finding Quality Dissertation Transcription Services

As you pursue your master’s or doctorate degree, your most intense task is probably writing your dissertation. And although you know your subject from front to back, the process is incredibly detailed and time-consuming.

You’ve compiled hours of audio from interviews, information gathering, and videos that are vital to your paper. Your professors may even require transcripts of this audio data.

Ask yourself: “Do I have time for tedious transcription work when I’m polishing my paper or tending to all the many details required of my degree work?”

If you answered no (and if you’re thinking, “How do I even format a transcript?”), let a dissertation transcription service handle the transcript for you. Delegating transcription tasks to qualified professionals will free you to focus on bigger tasks—like completing your degree requirements.

At we specialize in dissertation transcription, so check out our services to learn more.

Why types of transcripts will you need?

When you consider all the components that go into a successful dissertation, the process can get quite overwhelming. The audio data alone may include the following sources:

  • Classroom lectures. Although vital for your dissertation, lectures are often quite lengthy to listen to. Wouldn’t it be great to have a text transcript that you can quickly search for relevant information?

  • Group discussions. A few choice nuggets of insight are usually sprinkled throughout the discussion, but who wants to listen to a 60-minute discussion to find the relevant points? A searchable transcript is the way to go.

  • Conference recordings. Like lectures and discussions, conferences yield hours of footage. Some of it is valuable to your research; a lot if it is not.

  • Source interviews. These can produce a lot of great information for your dissertation. But having to stop-start-stop-start the recording as you type it up will make you want to change your career path.

How can a dissertation transcription service help you?

At this critical point in your education, you need to focus on your research and writing. After all, you’re on a timeline and subject to a rigorous review process.

Your Aunt Sally may offer to type out your notes, lectures, and interviews, but before you hand over your recordings to her, consider this: Transcription isn’t just typing. It’s a skill that requires training and experience to do the job right. Professional transcriptionists understand academic conventions, the subtleties and varieties of speech, and current audio and video formats and word processing applications—and they can turn the task around quickly and accurately. If you entrust your transcription tasks to an amateur, you could create problems and delays with your dissertation. Do you want to take that risk?

Those hours and hours of recorded talk can easily be converted into searchable, usable text. Place an order today for top-quality dissertation transcription, a quick turnaround, and a price that won’t break your budget.


Explore transcription services

Flat-rate professional transcription with a social mission

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