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Dari Transcription Services

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Although countries in Europe tend to be fairly cleanly demarcated by linguistic differences, many other parts of the world are an entirely different story. All across Asia, for instance, countries tend to house numerous indigenous languages with strong, vigorous communities, resulting in a highly multilingual population only loosely united under a national lingua franca. Afghanistan is one such multilingual country, featuring Dari as one of its two official languages. At, we proudly offer professional transcription services for Dari.

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Providing Dari Transcription Services for Anyone Who Needs Them

An estimated 20.5 million people speak Dari as their first language, almost all of them located in Afghanistan. But millions of people outside of Afghanistan, particularly in Iran and Tajikistan, can understand Dari—because the language is technically classified as a dialect of Persian, one standardized for Afghanistan, just as Tajik is a standardized version of Persian for Tajikistan. In addition to pronunciation differences, Dari exhibits certain differences from Persian in terms of vocabulary and grammar.

Several dialects of Dari exist throughout Afghanistan, with the differences from Iranian Persian growing more distinct the farther east one ventures. Dari dialects in northern, central, and eastern Afghanistan feature various differences from Farsi, the standardized version of Persian in Iran, but the Dari dialects of western Afghanistan tend to be much closer to their Iranian counterparts. In Afghanistan, the Kabuli dialect of Dari has become the standard, with numerous differences from the Tehrani dialect of Farsi in Iran. That’s why hiring Farsi or Tajik transcriptionists to transcribe your Dari-language audio or video clip isn’t a good idea—they just aren’t sufficiently familiar with the intricacies of the Dari dialect. But our Dari transcription specialists are—they’re native speakers from various parts of Afghanistan who can handle all sorts of Dari subdialects. That’s how we can offer top-notch transcripts in Dari, even those translated into English if you wish!

Better Dari Transcription Services With the Power of Technology

What’s your take on automated transcription technology like speech-to-text programs? You’ve probably noticed their tendency to make errors that human transcriptionists wouldn’t—but that doesn’t mean the technology is useless. On the contrary, speech-to-text programs can be incredible tools for professional transcriptionists like the ones on our Dari team, accelerating the speed of transcript creation without sacrificing the quality that clients expect from us.

We’re serious about the quality and accuracy of our Dari transcription services—whether we use automated transcription technology or not. If we do, we’ll always make sure our human transcriptionists meticulously scour the machine-generated results for any errors, carefully polishing the transcript to deliver a professionally formatted text that accurately reflects the content of your Dari audio or video clip. So, it’s up to you whether you want a 100% human-generated Dari transcript or if you’d like to speed up the process with the help of technology!

Making Your Dari Transcript Your Own

​What field do you represent? Maybe you’re a researcher or academic in an esoteric discipline, or maybe you run a successful company in a particular sector. Perhaps you’re a content creator specializing in a given genre or theme. Whatever you do, and whatever your reason for seeking Dari transcription services, we’ve endeavored to build a team that can cater to the needs of our diverse clients. We work with dialects of Dari from all over Afghanistan, and with transcription specialists well versed in various supplementary fields, we can help clients with esoteric materials in various disciplines.

Worried about less-than-ideal aspects of your Dari audio or video recording hindering the quality and accuracy of your transcript? While issues like background noise, scratchy audio quality, multiple speakers, or poor enunciation could trip up amateur transcriptionists, our team members have the experience and skills to navigate these sorts of challenges. Regardless of the content, dialect, or audio quality, we promise to always provide the highest quality possible given the circumstances. We welcome Dari clips recorded in Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-i-Sharif, Jalalabad, Kunduz, Taloqan, Puli Khumri, Ghazni, Khost, or anywhere else in Afghanistan, as well as those sent by clients located elsewhere around the world.

Now’s the time to place an order for Dari transcription services—jump in today!

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