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Albanian Subtitling Services: Available with SRT Files

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If you’re looking for professional Albanian subtitles, we’re here for you.

English is the most widely spoken language on the planet, sure. But in a world with more than 7,000 languages, that doesn’t necessarily mean that many people actually speak it. Estimates put the percentage of global English speakers at around 17%, which is a lot—but this means there are far more people who don’t speak English. So, if you aren’t subtitling your movie, documentary, TV series, online video, or video game in other languages, like Albanian, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

At, we’re all about breaking down language barriers and making great content accessible to people all over the world. That’s why we’ve put together professional subtitling teams for a variety of languages, including Albanian. Anyone looking to market their content to Albanian speakers should work with our skilled and experienced subtitling experts to seamlessly translate their script into Albanian and produce carefully tailored subtitles in the SRT file format, which makes them easy to implement into video content. We’ll get you ready to conquer the Albanian market and make Albanians fall in love with your work!

If you’d like to see a free quote for our Albanian subtitling services, send us a message today with the details of your project!

Albanian subtitles stretch far beyond Albania itself.

Since Albania has a population of roughly 2.8 million, you might assume there are about 2.8 million native Albanian speakers—but the true figure is closer to 6.1 million. That’s because Albanian is also widely spoken as a native language across Kosovo, as well as in parts of Serbia, Greece, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and even Italy. The language is divided into two main dialects—Tosk and Gheg—but with their high mutual intelligibility, subtitles in one of them will open you up to all native Albanian speakers.

Not all Albanian “speakers” actually speak the language—Albanians, Kosovans, and others who suffer from hearing impairments may be able to read the language but not understand its spoken form. Subtitles are especially important for this community, and if you add Albanian closed captions to your work, you can cater to this generally overlooked demographic. It’s not just the hard-of-hearing community, however, who would benefit from this. Albanian speakers may have many reasons to watch your video without audio—being in a public setting, for example—and subtitles would allow them to enjoy your content regardless of these reasons.

Albania: a unique, non-Slavic language in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is generally characterized by the extensive spread of Slavic languages, although Greek and Romanian stand out as notable exceptions. But they’re not the only ones—Albanian isn’t a Slavic language, either. Rather, it occupies its own branch of the Indo–European language family, making it a unique language with no close relatives. The language has drawn lexical influences from Greek as well as the Germanic and Slavic languages but remains an isolate within the Indo–European family.

Taking a look at Albanian grammar reveals three genders and five cases, which intersect to create a dizzying inflection chart for Albanian nouns. The irregular formation of the plural makes Albanian tricky for learners, with many entirely different plural suffixes present, as well as alterations to consonants or vowels in the stem word also being common. Albanian features definite articles—the equivalent of English’s “the”—but the definite (“the”) is marked with a suffix rather than a particle like in English. While, like English, Albanian’s default word order is subject-verb-object, many orders are possible according to nuance and context. All of these factors combine to make Albanian tricky, so you’ll need to work with professionals for high-quality Albanian subtitles.

Open yourself up to a new audience in Eastern Europe with our Albanian subtitles.

Adding Albanian subtitles to your video content—whether it’s an online video, educational documentary, exciting movie or TV series, or immersive video game—invites around 6.1 million new potential viewers to enjoy your work. Even Albanians who can speak English prefer content in their own language, and our experienced Albanian subtitlers, who’ve worked on a diverse array of projects, can help you conquer this overlooked market. With additional expertise in niche subjects, we can even work with esoteric content!

Our team has the skills, experience, and passion to deliver reliable Albanian subtitles in SRT format, expanding the reach of your content and winning you new fans.

It’s easy to get started with Albanian subtitling services—all it takes is a quick message to our team!

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