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Urdu SRT Subtitling Services


Urdu subtitles open you up to a broad new audience.

Did you know that there are more than 7000 languages spoken in the world? Many of these languages are endangered, spoken by only a few hundred people. But many are also spoken by vibrant speaker bases—and most of the world’s population doesn’t speak English, either. So if you want to expand the reach of your video content, the best strategy is to add subtitles, with SRT files being the most common and convenient method.

At, translating English scripts into flowing Urdu for subtitles is our passion. We love helping content creators broaden their audience as well as bringing interesting new content to people around the world. Our Urdu subtitle translators work earnestly to ensure your subtitles are as accurate and engaging as possible to provide a maximally enjoyable viewing experience for your Urdu-speaking audience. We work with everything from educational documentaries to horror movies to heart-wrenching soap operas to casual online videos—no matter what you want to bring to an Urdu-speaking audience, our Urdu SRT subtitling team is here to assist.

If you want to see our rates for Urdu subtitle translation, just ask! We provide free quotes to anyone who requests them.

Subtitling your video content in Urdu provides a lot of benefits.

Urdu is the national language and lingua franca of Pakistan, spoken as a native language by almost 70 million people in Pakistan, India, and other countries. An additional 161 million or so people speak Urdu as a second language, so in total, embedding Urdu SRT files into your video content can help you reach 230 million more people. Urdu subtitles are great not only for native speakers but also for Urdu learners, since the subtitles can help them study, especially if they already speak the original audio language.

Don’t forget the portion of Urdu speakers who are deaf or hard of hearing, either! With Urdu SRT files, you can even reach the hard-of-hearing community in Pakistan and northwestern India, who generally have a difficult time enjoying video content if it doesn’t come with Urdu closed captions. And that’s not all—Urdu subtitles allow you to reach those who simply aren’t using audio on their device at the moment, whether because they’re in a public setting or their audio equipment is broken.

The power of Urdu SRT subtitles

Urdu is an Indo-European language, which means, believe it or not, it’s related to English. It’s also related to Hindi—in fact, Hindi and Urdu are simply different standardized versions of the Hindustani language. While Hindi is written in the Devanagari script, Urdu uses a modified version of the Arabic script, so while Hindi and Urdu are mutually intelligible in speech, they’re far from it in writing.

With around 230 million worldwide speakers, Urdu is a great choice for a subtitle language, but it can be challenging to translate English video content into natural-sounding Urdu, since the languages are so different. Urdu uses grammatical gender and has three noun cases that complicate nominal inflection, and verbs exhibit a high degree of conjugation for person, tense, aspect, and mood. That’s why it’s important to ensure your Urdu subtitle translators are experienced—like ours are.

Our Urdu subtitling team is flexible and reliable.

If you’re looking for Urdu SRT files for any type of video content—movies, commercials, documentaries, TV shows, online videos, and more—you can trust our team, which we’ve carefully staffed with the best Urdu subtitle translators from across Pakistan and northwestern India. We’ve even made sure to hire Urdu translators who are experts in additional fields, since that means they can easily translate esoteric language if it pops up in a script. Slang expressions are also no problem for our professional Urdu subtitle translators.

To make the most of your Urdu subtitle SRT files, you need to hire skilled translators who can deliver high-quality subtitles. Our Urdu translation team is proud to be your key to rolling out your content in Pakistan and Urdu-speaking India.

Why not get in touch with us today to tell us the details of your Urdu subtitle translation project?

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