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SRT File Services for Tagalog


Tagalog SRT subtitles are your chance to cater to a Filipino audience.

The world is vast—today, there are more than 7000 languages spoken in all corners of the world. Some are bigger than others—indeed, many of these languages are only spoken by a few hundred people. But English, the most widely spoken language on the planet, is still only spoken by around 1.35 billion people. So, embedding subtitles in your video content is vital to expanding your reach, and SRT files are the most convenient way to add subtitles to a video.

At, we’re passionate about helping content creators reach new audiences all over the world, as well as helping everyday people the world over access new, interesting material. That’s why we’re so dedicated to providing high-quality SRT subtitling services for Tagalog and other languages. We have a team of professional Tagalog translators who are skilled at rendering English scripts into natural-sounding Tagalog—no matter what kind of content you have. A documentary, a comedy skit, a fantasy movie, a soap opera, a commercial—you name it, our Tagalog SRT subtitling experts will help you reach a broad Filipino audience with easy-to-implement Tagalog SRT files.

Curious about our rates for Tagalog subtitling services? Check them out for yourself—request a free quote!

Tons of reasons to add Tagalog subtitles to your video content

The most obvious benefit of Tagalog SRT files is that you can market your content to Tagalog speakers—there are roughly 28 million native speakers and 55 million second-language speakers of the language. Filipino, the standardized version of Tagalog, is one of the official languages and lingua francas of the Philippines, alongside English. So, Tagalog SRT files allow you to reach a broad audience in the Philippines, and Tagalog learners can even use your content for effective Tagalog study if they also understand the audio language.

There are other audiences that Tagalog subtitles can help you reach, too. Those in the Philippines living with hearing impairments have trouble accessing native Tagalog content if it doesn’t have closed captions—but if you provide Tagalog subtitles with your work, Tagalog speakers who are deaf or hard of hearing can access it almost as easily as their hearing counterparts. Also, Filipinos tuning in while on the go may not be able to use headphones and thus must watch your content without audio, in which case Tagalog SRT subtitles are immensely helpful.

Why choose Tagalog as a subtitling language?

Tagalog (or Filipino) is the primary language of the extremely linguistically diverse country of the Philippines. Creating subtitles in Tagalog allows you to bring your movie, documentary, video, or presentation to more than 82 million people all over the Philippines and throughout the Filipino diaspora. While English proficiency in the Philippines is indeed relatively high, many more people speak Tagalog, and even English speakers are often more comfortable with Tagalog.

Like nearly every other language in the Philippines, Tagalog occupies the Philippine branch of the expansive Austronesian language family. Tagalog is vastly different from English, which can complicate the translation of English scripts into Tagalog—for example, Tagalog uses a convoluted “trigger system” that alters the focus and nuance of a sentence. A translator must take special care to translate nuances faithfully—our Tagalog subtitling experts do just this.

A Tagalog SRT subtitling team that can cater to your unique needs.

We want to help as many clients as possible make their content more accessible to a Filipino audience. That’s why we’ve searched far and wide across the Philippines to locate the most skilled Tagalog subtitle translators, ensuring that our team can handle a wide variety of client needs. Since our Tagalog SRT experts are also knowledgeable in other fields, they can easily navigate technical jargon, slang terms, literary prose, and other complicated forms of language.

Quality is our number-one mission in our Tagalog SRT subtitling services. With Tagalog subtitles from, you can be proud to present your video content to the good people of the Philippines.

Why not get started with Tagalog translation services today? Tell us what you’re looking for in a message!

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