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A Professional Transcription Service for Skype

Important note is not in any way affiliated with Skype.


If you’ve been active in the business scene, chances are you’ve used Skype, whether to communicate with business partners or to host an internal virtual meeting. In the modern world, teleconferencing software such as Skype is indispensable, becoming all the more so after the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the way business communication and meetings are conducted. As a businessperson, you stand to benefit from Skype teleconferences in numerous ways, including vast amounts of time and money saved on travel.


Skype also makes it easy to record meetings, allowing you to save everything you discuss and review it later. With meeting minutes, all you need to do is search for a keyword to find the section of the discussion you’re looking for, but video files are far less searchable than text files. The solution is to transform your Skype call recordings into text documents with the help of a professional transcription team. That’s where we come in.


Order Skype transcription services today and transform your business.



Professional, Accurate Skype Transcripts by Experts


Obtain professional transcripts with minimum time and effort on your part. After recording your Skype meetings using the easy call-recording feature, send your video files to our experienced transcription team. Choose a transcription service, specify a deadline, and let us know about any special requests. Then simply relax, as our transcription experts will take it from there.


Thinking about transcribing your Skype calls yourself? It’s probably not the best use of your skills for your business. Transcription can take a long time, so entrust the task to experienced professionals who can create your transcript efficiently, allowing you to dedicate your time and resources to expanding your business instead.


We’re proud to have worked in the transcription industry for years, transforming all sorts of Skype recordings and other audio and video files into professional formatted text. Our transcription experts work with material from numerous fields, and our clients have been overwhelmingly satisfied. We work hard to provide Skype transcription services by your deadline without ever compromising on the high level of quality we’re known for. Just select the turnaround time and service level that works for you, and our transcription experts will transcribe your Skype video files.


Discover the difference professional Skype transcription can make.

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