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Our SRT Subtitling Services for Punjabi


Access an entire new world of viewers with SRT subtitles in Punjabi.

If you want to capture a bigger audience for your video content, it’s important to look beyond English. While English may be the most widely spoken language in the world, English speakers only account for 1.35 billion of the nearly 8 billion people in the world, and most of those are non-native speakers. To maximize your video content’s potential, you’ll need subtitles in other languages, delivered in the convenient and easy-to-implement medium of SRT files.

If you’re looking for great SRT subtitling services, you need a skilled and experienced subtitling team that specializes in your target language. Since we here at manage several subtitling teams covering dozens of languages, we’re confident we can help you with your subtitling needs, regardless of your video content or the language you wish to subtitle into. Punjabi is one of the many languages we offer, and our Punjabi subtitling experts are passionate about creating Punjabi subtitles for TV shows, movies, online videos, documentaries, and more. Whether you’re targeting an audience in Pakistan, India, or both, let us be your guide to the Punjab with our professional Punjabi SRT subtitling services.

Looking for a quote for Punjabi SRT subtitling services? Just send us a message to request a free one.

There are countless reasons to add Punjabi SRT files to your video content.

Punjabi is a much bigger language than many may give it credit for. The language boasts around 113 million native speakers in the Punjab region, which straddles both Pakistan and India. The language is written in different scripts in both countries (Shahmukhi, a modified Arabic script, in Pakistan and Gurmukhi, closely related to the Devanagari script used for Hindi, in India), but we can create subtitles in either one, allowing you to tailor your content to the viewers you want to reach. Many Punjabi speakers also live abroad in Canada, the UK, the US, and elsewhere, and your Punjabi subtitles can also reach this population.

It’s also important to consider that some people who speak Punjabi are deaf or hard of hearing, which means they can’t enjoy video content with audio in the same way that their fellow Punjabi speakers without hearing impairments can. If you add Punjabi SRT files to your video, you can accommodate the needs of hard-of-hearing Punjabi speakers (we can even create Punjabi closed captions, if you prefer). And that’s not all—sometimes, people don’t turn on the audio when watching online videos, but if you offer subtitles in Punjabi, you can still engage this segment of the market.

Punjabi subtitles are an excellent way to grow your audience.

Punjabi’s 113 million or so native speakers are mostly divided between Pakistan and India. Around 80 million native Punjabi speakers live in Pakistan, where Punjabi is spoken by around 39% of the Pakistani population, making it the biggest native language in the country. India accounts for an additional 31 million native Punjabi speakers. The rest are spread across the Punjabi diaspora, with a particularly large population in Canada.

Believe it or not, Punjabi is related to English—they’re both Indo-European languages. However, the two languages are dramatically different, and you’ll need a skilled Punjabi translator to create high-quality Punjabi subtitles. For example, Punjabi features two genders and five cases, and adjectives are declined to agree with gender, number, and case—so it can get tricky.

Our Punjabi SRT subtitling team is staffed with bona fide experts.

We’ve searched far and wide, all across Pakistan, India, and the Punjabi diaspora, to find the best Punjabi subtitling experts we can. We’ve verified our Punjabi translators’ expertise in a series of rigorous tests designed to allow us to pinpoint the very best Punjabi subtitling experts. Since many of our subtitlers are also experts in other fields, it’s also easy for us to handle content with esoteric subject matter or lots of slang.

In creating Punjabi SRT subtitles, quality is our prerogative. It is with pride that we offer our high-quality, reliable, flexible Punjabi subtitling services at competitive rates that make accessing Punjabi subtitles easier for hard-working creators.

For more information about our Punjabi SRT subtitling services, contact us today.

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