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The Challenges of Hindi Transcription

Hindi is the fourth most popular language in the world, with an estimated 425 million native speakers. The Hindi language is written using Devanagari script, which differs considerably from the Latin alphabet used to write English. The name of the script itself is derived from two root words: deva and nagari, meaning “deity” and “city,” respectively, and this etymology highlights Hindi’s religious yet forward-thinking nature.

Hindi transcription requires knowledge of both the Hindi language and culture to accurately convey the meaning of the audio or video. At, our skilled transcription team has the experience, skills, and training to create high-quality Hindi transcripts. Contact us today to receive a free estimate, view samples of our work, and learn more about our transcription services.

What are the unique challenges transcriptionists encounter when transcribing Hindi video or audio files?


With a staggering eight major dialects spoken, Hindi can be challenging to transcribe because inexperienced transcriptionists may not understand these dialectal differences. Depending on your audience, you may decide to create a transcript that maintains the dialect or instead use a standardized version of the language. If you are unsure which option is best, your transcription service should be able to advise you.


Because Hindi is such a widely spoken language, its speakers have diverse accents unique to their regions. Accents can be difficult to decipher, but a professionally trained transcriptionist has experience listening to Hindi in many accents and will be able to understand what is being said.

Transcribing and translating at the same time

If you want the final text to be written in English, your transcriptionist can directly translate from Hindi to English as he or she transcribes. Known as direct translation, this option is faster and simpler than first transcribing into Hindi and then translating into English. It is also generally less expensive. However, transcriptionists doing direct translation must be highly skilled in both Hindi and English.

Hire a professional Hindi transcriptionist has a fantastic team of professional transcriptionists and translators who are skilled at understanding the diverse accents and dialects of Hindi from around the world. Their years of experience navigating the unique challenges of Hindi transcription make them uniquely qualified to create accurate, useful transcripts.

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Explore transcription services

Flat-rate professional transcription with a social mission

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