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SEO and Content Marketing Benefits of Webinar Transcripts

If you think you are getting everything you can out of your webinars, think again. If you are not transcribing your webinars, you are missing opportunities for better video SEO.

A webinar recording can serve as a tool for attracting new audiences and amplifying your marketing efforts. The key to taking advantage of these opportunities is webinar transcription. With webinar transcripts, you immediately enhance your SEO video marketing efforts. The transcripts can also be used as the basis for derivative content.

Improve search rankings.

Search engines can index only text. They cannot index recordings. So, without a transcript, your webinar recording doesn’t exist to Google or any other search engine. If your webinar recording has only a short description on the page, the keyword density is going to be low and your page is less likely to be found. More text equals more keywords, which is why webinar transcription is so valuable for SEO. A standard 60-minute webinar will produce about 10,000 words of copy loaded with important keywords.

If transcripts are interactive, they add another level of SEO. When the video plays, an interactive transcript highlights words as they are delivered. This helps users work their way through the video. For instance, they can search for a word or phrase, click on the word, and jump to that point in the video. The benefit to this is that users stay on the site longer. The length of time users spend on sites has a positive influence on search engine results for those pages.

Attract new audiences.

Another way to improve video SEO by using transcripts is to paginate them. Sectioning off your transcript pages by topic and then publishing them separately may increase your site size, but it will also boost opportunities for internal and external linking, which also improves search engine rankings. You can potentially apply a unique SEO strategy for each page of the transcript.

Think about the process like this: If your webinar features three presenters, then section your pages when speakers transition. Splitting up pages like this will also make them more readable.

Transcripts and webinar closed captioning will also enhance your YouTube SEO. Within its Video Manager, YouTube allows you to upload transcripts and generate closed captions. This content is searchable by both YouTube and Google.

A third way that webinar transcripts can boost your SEO efforts is by attracting international traffic. Once you post a transcript, international audiences can easily find the content and have it translated.

Lastly, webinar transcripts allow you to repurpose all of that written content. There are several ways you can re-format and re-publish transcripts to enhance your content marketing efforts. Some examples:

  • Revised web page copy

  • Case studies

  • Guides

  • Infographics

  • Blog posts

Don’t settle for less—get more marketing impact from your webinar recordings. Whether you produce transcripts yourself or use transcription services, you’ll see SEO improvements and will be able to repurpose that content as a valuable resource for your audience.


Explore transcription services

Flat-rate professional transcription with a social mission

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