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Marathi SRT Subtitle Files


Reach millions more people with Marathi SRT subtitling services.

Quick—what language do they speak in Mumbai? Given that Mumbai is famously the second-biggest city in India, most people would probably guess Hindi. Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city where Hindi and English are indeed co-official languages, but the indigenous language of Mumbai is Marathi, the third-biggest language in India by number of native speakers. If you want to reach this broad population in India’s economic and cultural capital, Marathi SRT subtitle files are the key.

We at are passionate about taking English-language content—whether suspenseful TV dramas, full-length action films, informational online videos, documentaries, commercials, presentations, or anything else—and translating the content faithfully into natural-sounding Marathi that draws in your audience. We have a high-quality team of Marathi translators specializing in subtitling services, resulting in reliable Marathi SRT files ready for immediate implementation. If you want to cater to audiences in Maharashtra and Goa, Marathi SRT files are the way to go.

Marathi subtitling services can be more affordable than you think—ask about a free quote today!

Benefits of purchasing Marathi subtitling services

Marathi is a highly prestigious language within India, boasting 83 million native speakers and another 12 million second-language speakers. As the native language of Mumbai, Marathi subtitle files are your key to unlocking this important Indian audience. And it’s not just the native speakers who can enjoy your content thanks to Marathi subtitles—they’re also a boon to the various learners of this rich language. In fact, a Marathi learner who also speaks the original language of your video content can turn the viewing experience into an informative Marathi studying session.

Additionally, not all Marathi speakers necessarily “speak” the language—those who are deaf or hard of hearing have a much more difficult time accessing materials than Marathi speakers without hearing impairments. But if you add Marathi SRT subtitles to your video content, you make it accessible to those with and without hearing impairments alike. Marathi SRT files are an excellent way to increase the accessibility of your message to all—and we can even create Marathi closed captions if you want to cater to the hard-of-hearing community even further. Don’t forget that even those without hearing impairments can’t always use audio, either, so Marathi SRT files help reach this audience as well.

Get subtitles in India’s third-biggest language, Marathi.

India has a population of over 1 billion, but it’s also one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. Around 100 million people speak India’s third-biggest language, Marathi, which comes from the Indo-European language family, like Hindi—and English. It’s spoken mostly in the Indian states of Maharashtra (home to Mumbai) and Goa, and it’s written in a slightly modified version of the Devanagari script, the script used for Hindi.

One must exercise utmost care when translating from English to Marathi, since the vast differences between the languages can lead to translation errors. That’s why our Marathi subtitling translators are careful to understand the full context of a script, allowing them to overcome grammatical challenges in Marathi. For example, Marathi has two words for “we”—one of them includes the listener, while the other explicitly excludes them. Marathi verbs are also highly complicated, with extensive inflection for tense, aspect, and person.

We’re here to provide high-quality Marathi subtitling services.

If you want Marathi SRT files you can rely on, turn to our Marathi subtitling team. We’ve carefully scouted our Marathi subtitle translators from all over Maharashtra and Goa, selecting the best, most experienced translators in the industry. Don’t fret if your script contains esoteric language or slang terms—we can match you to the Marathi translator best suited to provide SRT files for your project. Quality is our undying mission in our Marathi subtitling services.

No matter what kind of video content you’re making—from creative videos, films, and TV series to informative documentaries or commercial presentations—our Marathi subtitling team promises reliable Marathi SRT files to help you connect with the people of Maharashtra and Goa.

Why not get started with Marathi subtitling today? Contact our team to discuss your needs.

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