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Japanese Subtitling Services (SRT Files)

Bring your content to Japan by subtitling it in Japanese.

While people may think there are only a few hundred languages in the world, the truth is that there are more than 7000. If you only make your content available in one of them, you’re severely cutting down your potential viewership. “But doesn’t everyone just speak English anyway?” you might think. Well, no—only around 13% of the global population does. In Japan, the number of fluent English speakers may be as low as 2%.

The best way to add subtitles to a video is through SRT files, the most popular file type for subtitles. At, we proudly offer Japanese SRT subtitles, diligently translating your content and providing polished SRT files in Japanese ready for your immediate implementation. We work with you to craft high-quality Japanese subtitles for your content—whether it’s a full-length movie, a TV series, an independent documentary, or an online video—and we carefully navigate the issues that arise from the cultural differences between Japan and the English-speaking world. When we’re done, you’ll receive a crisp, clean SRT file that you can immediately embed in your video, and you’re ready to debut in Japan!

Send us a message today, and we’ll happily provide a free quote for our Japanese SRT subtitling services.

What audiences can you reach with Japanese SRT subtitles?

With Japanese subtitles, you can reach the powerful East Asian island nation of Japan. Japan’s population is an impressive 125 million, and the country’s strong homogeneity means almost everyone in Japan speaks Japanese as a native language. With the few million people learning the language, the total number of speakers jumps to roughly 128 million. Japanese subtitles are a great solution for learners as well, because they can study by reading them, especially if they understand the source language well.

Another population grateful for creators who implement Japanese subtitles is Japan’s deaf and hard-of-hearing community, which is estimated to total around 14 million individuals. Unable to watch native content that doesn’t include closed captions, Japanese speakers with hearing loss can take advantage of foreign content with Japanese subtitles. It’s almost as effective as closed captions, just without the other sound cues. Japanese people watching from public—such as on the shinkansen—can also enjoy your content with Japanese SRT files even if they can’t turn on the audio.

Discover the benefits of Japanese subtitles.

Having developed on the isolated island of Japan, Japanese is one of the only occupants of the Japonic language family. It’s the de facto official language of Japan, where the majority of the population is monolingual, but also enjoys de jure official status in Palau. Japan has a highly developed market with a wealthy population hungry for great content, but, since they generally don’t speak English, Japanese SRT subtitles are a must.

When purchasing Japanese SRT files, quality matters—especially with Japan’s English proficiency rate so low. But translating Japanese is difficult, and not only due to the Chinese characters it uses. Japanese tends to omit the subject and even the object from sentences, it rarely marks plurality, and it uses a complex honorifics system to express politeness. This means it’s necessary to hire professionals to create your Japanese subtitles—and we’re just the team to do so.

Our Japanese subtitle experts are unrivaled.

We know you’re looking for high quality—so we’ve searched for Japanese translators who can deliver it. Our search has taken us all over Japan, but we’ve come away with highly skilled subtitlers whose experience on various types of media—from movies to YouTube sketches—give them a well-rounded skillset. From technical language in fields like oncology to casual slang, we can handle it all in our Japanese subtitling services.

If you want to break into Japan, Japanese subtitles are absolutely necessary. Our skilled team can produce high-quality Japanese SRT files that expand your audience and bring you success. Ready to learn more? Just send us a message to start the process!

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