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Arabic Subtitling Services (SRT Files)

Break new frontiers with Arabic SRT subtitle files.

Did you know there are more than 7000 different languages spoken around the world? That’s a lot of linguistic diversity. And even though a lot of people learn English, the global percentage of English speakers nonetheless hovers around 13%. So, if you want to maximize your viewership, subtitles are the way to do it. And if you want subtitles, SRT files are your best bet, since they’re simple and quick to add to video content.

Looking for Arabic subtitles? Let the team at help. Arabic is one of numerous languages we offer SRT subtitles in, and we’d be delighted to help you make your video content more accessible to viewers in the Middle East and North Africa. The English- and Arabic-speaking worlds have dramatically different cultures, yes, but don’t worry about that—we consider the cultural differences when creating our professional Arabic SRT files. That way, Arabic speakers can enjoy your film, TV series, documentary, or online video just like English speakers. And with simple SRT files, embedding the subtitles requires minimal effort from you.

Send us a message today to request a free quote for our Arabic SRT subtitling services.

Subtitles are more than just translation.

Adding Modern Standard Arabic subtitles to your movie, documentary, or video allows you to reach the 315-odd million native speakers of this influential Middle Eastern language. But, of course, a language of Arabic’s stature also attracts millions of learners from around the world, and they can also take advantage of Arabic subtitles you add to your videos. In fact, Arabic-language subtitles can be a great way for learners to study, especially if they have a strong command of the source language.

But the benefits of SRT files expand beyond mere translation. With Arabic subtitles, you can also reach the deaf and hard-of-hearing community in the Middle East and North Africa. An estimated 11 million people across this region suffer from hearing loss, and, by adding Arabic subtitles to your content, you can cater to this underserved population. An added benefit of subtitles is that you can also capture those without hearing loss who simply can’t use audio equipment when they tune in—so subtitles are truly a way to broaden your audience in the Arabic-speaking world.

Discover the power of Arabic SRT subtitles.

Arabic, by far the world’s largest Semitic language, another major one being Hebrew, is spoken across the Middle East and North Africa, where English proficiency is often low. With official status in 26 countries, the language is divided into countless dialects and varieties that are united under Modern Standard Arabic. As the liturgical language of Muslims worldwide, it enjoys immense influence and prestige, giving speakers a sense of pride.

Don’t let amateurs translate your content into Arabic and create subpar subtitles. English and Arabic have widely different linguistic structures, which can make English-to-Arabic translation extremely tricky. For example, Arabic pronouns are differentiated among three numbers (singular, dual, and plural), with gender distinctions even in the second person, so a sloppy translation could be confusing.

We’ve built the best SRT subtitling team in the Arabic-speaking world.

Guided by our strict commitment to quality, we’ve scoured the Arabic-speaking world for the best subtitlers in the region. And we’ve found them. So, when you order Arabic SRT files from us, you know you’re getting highly experienced, passionate Arabic-language subtitlers from across the Middle East and North Africa. We have translators familiar with technical language in a number of fields—even the legal and medical fields—as well as slang expressions, so we can cover any sort of video content you might have.

Give your Arabic-speaking audience the same high-quality experience as your English-speaking viewers with our high-quality, professional Arabic subtitles. Our Arabic SRT files are easy to embed and come at competitive rates. If you’d like to learn more, simply message us today.

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