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Professional SRT Subtitling Services for Turkish


Turkish subtitling services are a great way to expand your audience.

Think releasing your video content only in English is enough? English is spoken by around 1.35 billion people, which is indeed a lot of people—but that also means the majority of the world doesn’t speak English. If you don’t make your content accessible to speakers of other languages—say, through SRT files, the most common method for adding subtitles to videos—you’re cutting yourself off from a large potential audience.

One great language to add subtitles in is Turkish. Turkish is an important, major language with many speakers, so adding Turkish subtitles to your video content—whether it’s a commercial, a presentation, a soap opera, a comedy skit on YouTube, a dramatic film, or an educational documentary—can open you up to a large new potential audience. Our Turkish subtitle translators are experienced and passionate, able to ensure that your Turkish SRT files expertly convey the original message. If you want to capture a viewership in Turkey, our Turkish SRT subtitling services are the way to go.

Why not contact us today to request a quote for our Turkish subtitling services? Quotes are free!

A quick overview of the benefits of Turkish subtitles

Turkey is no small country—and since most of the population speaks Turkish, resulting in more than 80 million native speakers, embedding Turkish SRT subtitle files into your video content can give rise to a huge new audience. In addition to those 80 million native speakers, around 8 million people have also learned Turkish as a second language, including in nearby European countries like Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and beyond. Your Turkish subtitles can help learners study Turkish, especially if they already understand the audio language—this can be an effective study method!

With Turkish subtitles, you’re also able to reach a different audience: Turkish speakers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Unfortunately, this population has difficulty accessing even native Turkish content if it doesn’t include closed captions, so your Turkish SRT files are highly welcomed by Turkey’s hard-of-hearing community. And even Turkish speakers without hearing impairments may not always be able to turn on audio, such as in public settings, but if you have Turkish subtitles on your video, they can still watch without audio.

Harness the power of Turkish subtitles for your video content.

Turkish, which is spoken by around 88 million people in total, is native to Turkey, where it’s spoken as the national language. It’s also native to Northern Cyprus, and large swaths of speakers live in nearby European and Asian countries. Not that many people in Turkey speak English, so if you want to cater to a Turkish audience, embedding Turkish SRT subtitles into your content is extremely important.

Turkish comes from the Turkic language family, making it entirely unrelated to English. This results in numerous translation complications. Turkish is notable for its agglutinative nature, which sees a high degree of inflection in Turkish nouns and verbs. The language contains seven noun cases, with the case endings changing depending on the vowels in the stem, and Turkish verbs are marked for person, tense, aspect, mood, and negation. So, translating scripts from English to Turkish takes true Turkish translation professionals—the perfect job for our team.

Flexible, reliable Turkish subtitling services for content of all kinds

In constructing our Turkish SRT subtitling team, we took special care to hire the most skilled Turkish subtitle translators across Turkey and the Turkish diaspora, hiring translators who specialize in various areas of subtitle translation. Similarly, our team is staffed with Turkish translators who have expertise in other fields, so even if there’s technical language in your script, you don’t have to worry. For any type of content, any genre, and any type of language (including slang), we’re your Turkish subtitle translation team.

If you want to truly blow away your Turkish audience, you need engaging, natural-sounding Turkish subtitles that allow them to immerse themselves in your video content. That’s what we provide, allowing you to offer your viewers in Turkey an unforgettable viewing experience. To get started on your Turkish SRT files, just contact us today.

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