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Providing High-Quality Norwegian SRT Subtitling Services


Our Norwegian SRT subtitles are your key to the Norwegian market.

Any content creator wants to spread their video content to as wide an audience as possible, but language barriers present a significant obstacle. With more than 7000 languages spoken around the world, it’s impossible to reach everyone without translating your script into other languages. The easiest way to increase the accessibility of your video content is by adding subtitles, which you can do quickly and easily via SRT files.

Great subtitles require a dedicated subtitling team for each language you wish to add. At, we make it easy to add SRT-file subtitles for any number of languages, since we manage subtitling teams for dozens of languages. Norwegian is one language we’re proud to offer, and since our Norwegian subtitling experts have amassed significant experience working on diverse projects, we can effortlessly cater to the needs of different types of content creators. Whether you’re a TV producer, a filmmaker, a documentarian, or an independent online video creator, we can deliver the Norwegian SRT subtitles you need to make a splash in Norway, provided in the form of convenient SRT files ready for immediate implementation.

How about checking out our rates for Norwegian SRT subtitling services? Just message us about a free quote.

Adding Norwegian subtitles to your video offers substantial benefits.

What can Norwegian SRT files do for you and your video content? The most important benefit of Norwegian subtitles is the additional 5.3 million or so native Norwegian speakers you can easily reach. Norwegian also boasts many additional language learners who can access your content if you include SRT subtitles in Norwegian. It’s okay if they already speak the original audio language—in fact, Norwegian learners can turn your content into a serious studying session in that case.

There’s another niche audience you can cater to if you add Norwegian SRT subtitles to your video content, too: Norwegian speakers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Without subtitles or closed captions, this population can’t even take in native Norwegian video material, so embedding Norwegian SRT files into your video is a boon for Norway’s hearing impaired. And that’s not all—regardless of hearing ability, many Norwegian speakers watch online videos without turning on the audio, particularly on platforms like Facebook, so adding SRT files in Norwegian is critical to capture this audience.

Norwegian is a great language for subtitling.

With 5.3 million native speakers, Norwegian isn’t the world’s biggest language, but Norway is one of the wealthiest countries per capita, and the Norwegian population, which enjoys a high standard of living, is an eager audience for high-quality content. Norwegians tend to be good at English, but that doesn’t mean everyone speaks English, and of course, Norwegians are always most comfortable in Norwegian. Thus, Norwegian SRT subtitles are a great way to improve the viewing experience of your Norwegian audience.

Norwegian is closely related to English—they’re both Germanic languages with a similar lexicon and grammatical structure. Nonetheless, translating an English script into Norwegian can be tricky due to features like Norwegian’s grammatical gender or its V2 word order, where the finite verb must always be placed in the second position in the sentence (unless it’s a subordinate clause, in which case it’s also preceded by any adverbs). High-quality Norwegian subtitles necessitate the skills of experienced Norwegian translators.

We’ve grouped together the most skilled Norwegian subtitlers in Norway.

It’s not easy to make it onto our Norwegian subtitling team. Candidates must first present an impressive background of subtitling experience in various types of projects, showcasing consistent quality. Then, they have to pass the grueling subtitling assessments we administer to test their Norwegian subtitling quality, accuracy, and rigor. Only the best are then allowed onto our team. Since many of our Norwegian subtitling experts are familiar with supplementary fields, we can even accommodate esoteric material or scripts riddled with slang.

We focus on quality when producing SRT files for Norwegian subtitles. We always do so at the most competitive price we can, though, because we’re passionate about helping as many creators as possible unlock the potential of Norway.

Contact us today if you’d like to get started with Norwegian subtitling services.

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