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Our SRT Subtitling Team for Kannada


Expand your audience in Karnataka with our Kannada subtitling services.

There’s no shortage of languages in the world—there are more than 7000 spoken today. While English is often considered the “international language,” in truth, most of the world doesn’t speak it—so no matter what language your content is in, translation is necessary to make it more accessible. When it comes to video content, subtitles, in the form of SRT files, are the easiest way to grow your viewership.

Choosing a subtitling language depends on who your target audience is. At, we offer SRT subtitling support for a huge number of languages, so we can help you cater to many different audiences around the world. For example, we offer Kannada subtitling services for those who wish to make a splash in the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka. Whether you need Kannada subtitles for a fantasy movie, an educational documentary, a YouTube video, or a suspenseful TV drama, our Kannada SRT subtitling experts have the skills and experience needed to create reliable Kannada subtitles that stay true to the original script. Since we deliver our completed subtitles in the form of SRT files, they’re quick and easy for you to embed into your video content.

For a free quote for our Kannada SRT subtitling services, contact us today.

A quick overview of the benefits of Kannada SRT subtitles

The power of adding Kannada subtitles to your video content is the ability to increase your potential audience by 43 million people—that’s the number of native speakers of Kannada. With Kannada designated as the official language of Karnataka and, owing to its literary history of more than 1000 years, one of India’s classical languages, it’s an influential language that also boasts around 13 million second-language speakers who can also tune into your content thanks to your Kannada SRT files. Kannada subtitles can even serve as learning material for those who also know the audio language.

Some Kannada speakers, however, will never be able to understand the audio language because they’re deaf or hard of hearing. This is where the added benefit of Kannada subtitles comes in: they make your content accessible even to Kannada’s hard-of-hearing population. We can even make Kannada closed captions for you, if you prefer. Kannada subtitles also work wonders for people who can’t—or don’t want to—use audio when they tune in—overall, Kannada SRT files serve to make your content more accessible and boost your audience.

Why does Kannada make a good subtitling language?

Kannada, a Dravidian language spoken in southwestern India, is a prestigious language with a rich literary history, having been used as the court language of powerful historical Indian dynasties. With nearly 57 million speakers in total, Kannada offers a huge boost to your potential audience, mostly in Karnataka but also in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala, and Goa. Like many influential Indian languages, Kannada is written in its own writing system.

It’s important to hire professional Kannada translators to produce your subtitles, since translating from English to Kannada can be tricky. Unlike English, Kannada places the verb at the end of a sentence, and heavy nominal inflection due to the language’s three genders and eight cases further complicates matters. Fortunately, our Kannada subtitlers are experts in Kannada translation.

Allow us to broaden your audience by creating high-quality Kannada subtitles.

We know you’re looking for quality in your Kannada SRT subtitles. We’ve built our Kannada subtitling team to deliver the highest standards of quality possible—we’ve taken the top Kannada translators from all across Karnataka and administered rigorous subtitling and translation assessments to test their aptitude ourselves. The best ones have made it onto our team, and many of them also boast expertise in other fields, which makes it easy for us to subtitle content with technical language as well.

With our Kannada SRT subtitling services, you don’t have to worry about the price too much, either. We offer the most competitive rates we can because we want to make the Karnataka market as accessible as possible to content creators.

We can get started with your Kannada subtitling project today—just tell us the details in a message.

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