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Irish Transcription Services


Are you looking for Irish transcriptionists who have years of experience? Our team is ready and waiting to transform your Irish audio or video into high-quality texts customized to fit the needs of your project.


Order Irish transcripts today.


Reliable and Ready Irish Transcriptionists


Irish is both the national and first official language of the Republic of Ireland and is also officially recognized in Northern Ireland. While English is the dominant language in Ireland, Irish has been undergoing a huge resurgence in use. Today, it’s spoken as a first language by around 170,000 people and as a second language by roughly a million more.


As the use of Irish continues to spread, wants to help make Irish-language content available as widely as possible. We offer accurate and professional transcripts for a wide variety of projects. Are you making a documentary? Developing an app? Creating informational content? Our team can support your work.


Using Software to Complement the Skills of Human Transcriptionists


Machine-made transcripts have their place, but we know these programs can never fully replace the skills of seasoned human transcriptionists. Voice recognition software has difficulty with any audio that includes slang, colloquial speech, or unclear voices. Additionally, because no single standard of Irish exists, words and grammar can change according to dialect.


However, machines can produce transcripts in mere seconds—so the perfect marriage is to use software to generate a base transcript that is then arduously analyzed by a human professional. Our professional team is experienced with the major dialects of Munster, Connacht, and Ulster. We also know how to transcribe audio that includes code-switching between English and Irish. No matter what material you send us, you can rest assured it’s in the hands of seasoned professionals.


Providing Irish Transcripts with Reliability and Flexibility


We provide transcripts for a variety of fields and can adjust our work based on your specifications. We can transcribe your files into Irish, or we can provide you with transcripts that have been professionally translated into English. Furthermore, we’ve spent many years providing quality Irish transcription services, which means we can support your project no matter your needs, whether they involve legal documentation, captioning, or anything else.


Other Irish transcription services might get stumped with difficult material, but not us. With our extensive experience, we can support you even if your files include unclear audio, multiple speakers, colloquial language, technical vocabulary, or other challenges. We offer a combination of professional reliability and the flexibility to work with your schedule and needs. So why wait any longer?


Whether your audio or video was recorded in Dublin, Cork, Galway, or any part of the Gaeltacht, we’re ready.


Order today.

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