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Greek Subtitling Services with SRT Files


Expand your Greek viewership with SRT subtitles in Greek.

Since there are so many different languages spoken around the world, restricting your video content to a single language will always limit your potential audience. Voiceovers and dubbing are great solutions to expand your viewership, but there’s a simpler and cheaper solution that works almost as well (and offers some extra benefits): subtitles. SRT files are the industry standard for convenient and easy-to-implement subtitles.

Here at, we work with dozens of languages from around the world, tirelessly translating the scripts of TV series, movies, online videos, documentaries, and other video content to create smooth, engaging, and accurate subtitles. One of the languages we work with is Greek, a proud European language with a rich history. The translators on our Greek subtitling team are experts in the industry with years of experience producing subtitles for different kinds of content, so no matter what you need, we’re poised to accommodate your unique Greek subtitling needs. And since we work with SRT files, it’ll always be quick and easy for you to embed the subtitles into your work.

Feel free to reach out anytime and request a free quote for our Greek SRT subtitling services.

What do you stand to gain from Greek subtitles?

Subtitling your video content in Greek offers the obvious benefit of marketing your video content to Greek viewers. With 13.5 million people speaking Greek as their native language, Greek SRT files can significantly boost your viewership, specifically in Greece, Cyprus, and countries with sizeable Greek communities, such as Italy, Albania, Turkey, and beyond. Many people also learn the Greek language, considering ancient Greece’s massive influence on the world, and your Greek SRT subtitles can help learners too, whether they just want to enjoy your content or use it as a studying session.

Greek voiceovers or dubbing are also great options to grow your Greek-speaking audience, but subtitles offer a special added benefit that voiceovers don’t: people can enjoy your video content even without audio. Subtitles allow you to market your content even to those in Greece who are deaf or hard of hearing (in fact, if you really want to cater to the hard-of-hearing community, we can even create closed captions for you). Additionally, netizens frequently watch online videos without audio—whether because their audio equipment is broken, they’re on public transport, or they simply don’t want to—so if you add Greek SRT files to your video, you can ensure your content is maximally accessible to Greek speakers.

Discover the power of the Greek language.

Greek is the sole surviving member of the Hellenic language subfamily, a branch of the larger Indo-European family. It’s related to English, although not that closely, and many Greeks speak English well—but only around half of the population speaks English. Since Greeks will always be more comfortable in Greek, providing Greek viewers with Greek SRT subtitles is a good way to cater to them.

The first step in delivering great Greek subtitles is to translate your script from English to Greek. This can be a tricky job due to the grammatical difficulties of Greek, including its three genders and four cases. Though Modern Greek features far less inflection than Ancient Greek, nouns, verbs, and adjectives still undergo a substantial amount of inflection—so it’s best to let professional Greek translators handle this job.

Count on our Greek subtitling team to produce high-quality SRT files.

If you’re looking for the best subtitling experts from across Greece and Cyprus, you’ve come to the right place. In our quest to create the best Greek SRT subtitling team possible, we’ve hired talented Greek translators with extensive experience in diverse projects, putting them to the test to ensure they’re as great as their CV suggests. We also seek out Greek subtitling experts who know other disciplines, which allows them to work their subtitle translation magic even for technical subjects.

At, we bring you high-quality, flexible Greek SRT subtitling services at competitive rates. By combining quality with affordability, we make it easier than ever to bring your video content to Greek viewers.

Discover the power of Greek SRT subtitles today. Message us to start your first subtitling project.

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