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Uyghur Transcription Services

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There are far more languages spoken throughout the world than you might think, and while most countries are characterized by a dominant language, some nonetheless exhibit remarkable linguistic diversity, with a plethora of minority languages spoken within their borders. An example is Uyghur, a language without an independent country. The Uyghur language faces challenges due to the contentious political situation of the Uyghur-speaking region, but it remains a proud and defiant language that we here at are thrilled to provide professional transcription services for.

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High-Quality Uyghur Transcription Services Tailored to You

​It’s difficult to ascertain the precise number of Uyghur speakers, but estimates range from 8 to 13 million, with the vast majority residing in the Chinese-controlled territory Xinjiang, also known as East Turkestan by Uyghur separatists. Uyghur is also spoken by minority populations in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Mongolia, with smaller communities around the world in countries like the US, Canada, and Australia.

Uyghur is completely unrelated to Mandarin and most other languages in China—rather, it’s a Turkic language relative closely related to Uzbek. Whereas most Turkic languages are written in the Latin or Cyrillic alphabets, Uyghur still uses the Perso-Arabic script, which had widespread use among Turkic languages until the 20th century. Our Uyghur transcriptionists are native speakers and are proud of their language, passionately transcribing your audio and video recordings to your liking. We can provide either Uyghur-language transcripts or translate the content into English so you can reach a bigger audience—it’s your choice!

Technology Helps Us Deliver Uyghur Transcripts More Quickly

Our human transcriptionists are our primary resource for delivering the high-quality Uyghur transcripts that our clients expect from us. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of the incredible technology of speech-recognition software. Running a Uyghur-language audio or video recording through a speech-to-text program gives us a rudimentary transcript that we can then work from, making the job much quicker for our human transcriptionists.

Don’t worry—even if we use automated transcription software, we always ensure the utmost quality by having our human transcriptionists carefully check over every detail of your transcript. There are a lot fewer resources for Uyghur than bigger languages like Russian, Mandarin, or Turkish, which means that speech-to-text software may fail to accurately transcribe different Uyghur dialects, colloquial speech, or technical terminology, but when you have our human transcriptionists reworking the transcript for accuracy and quality, you don’t have to worry. We guarantee quality in our transcripts, whether we deliver them in their native Uyghur or translate them into English for you.

Customizable Uyghur Transcription Services

We hire Uyghur transcriptionists who have expertise in different areas of transcription—whether that’s academic transcription, corporate transcription, creative transcription, or another domain. Our team also covers the various dialects of the Uyghur language, so no matter where in the Uyghur-speaking world your clip was recorded, we’re sure we can help. And if your content touches on technical subjects, that’s okay—we’ve also hired transcriptionists well versed in other fields. We can provide professional transcripts for any Uyghur-language audio or video recording, delivered in Uyghur or English, according to your specifications.

Some clients have audio or video clips that feature poor-quality audio, perhaps with a noisy background and multiple people speaking over each other. Sometimes, the speakers don’t talk very clearly, or they may speak in an uncommon dialect. But no matter what challenges your Uyghur audio or video recording presents, our team is eager to help you. We’re passionate about helping clients from around the world with their Uyghur transcription needs, and we have the skills and experience to cater to all our unique clients. We help clients from Ürümqi, Karamay, Turpan, Hami, Changji, Bole, Korla, Aksu, and anywhere else in the world—whether people in your area speak Uyghur or not.

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