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Tajik Transcription Services

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What language is spoken in Tajikistan? Why, Tajik, of course! But Tajik is nothing like the other national languages of Central Asia—Turkmen, Uzbek, Kazakh, and Kyrgyz. Unlike these Turkic languages, Tajik hails from the Indo–European family and is, in fact, often classified as a dialect of the Persian language. It’s a standardized version of the language used in Tajikistan and is written in the Cyrillic alphabet as opposed to the Perso–Arabic script used in Iran and Afghanistan. At, we’re proud to provide tailored transcription services for Tajik—no matter what your project is!

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You’ve Just Found the Top Tajik Transcription Service on the Web

Tajik is spoken as a native language by roughly 8.1 million people, accounting for about 85% of the population of Tajikistan. The remaining Tajik speakers are generally found in Uzbekistan or Iran. Debate surrounds the classification of Tajik, with some people arguing it’s a dialect of Persian and others arguing it should be seen as a distinct language, but whichever side of the debate you fall on, Tajik is a unique tongue that we at are proud to support.

In Tajik, as in Persian, the verb comes at the end of the sentence in a default order of subject-object-verb. Tajik grammar is closely related to that of both classical and modern Persian, with both languages marking the verb for person in a similar way, but a key difference is the construction of the present progressive verb form, with Tajik and Persian using different auxiliary verbs for this purpose. To provide the highest quality in our Tajik transcription services, we hire native-speaking Tajik transcriptionists who are familiar with all the ins and outs of the language. This way, you can rely on tailored Tajik transcription services rather than Persian speakers adapting to Tajik, which inevitably lowers the accuracy of the work.

Making Use of Technology in Our Tajik Transcription Work

The continuous evolution of technology opens up increasingly more opportunities for us to sharpen our offerings as transcriptionists. But speech-to-text software cannot replace human transcriptionists, at least not if you’re looking for high quality and accuracy in your transcripts. And for a language like Tajik, which lacks the resources of larger languages like Russian, Mandarin, or even Persian, this is all the more true. But speech-recognition software does allow our transcription experts to generate a base transcript in an instant, which can dramatically expedite the transcription process.

The base transcript that automated transcription software produces generally comes with a variety of errors and inaccuracies, but when our human transcriptionists carefully read along as they listen to your Tajik audio or video clip, dutifully correcting any errors they come across and cleaning up the transcript as they work, the result is no different from the Tajik transcripts we generate from scratch. So, it’s up to you whether you want a fully human-generated transcript or a hybrid human-machine model—either way, we guarantee quality.

Molding Our Tajik Transcription Services to Fit Your Unique Needs

Do you work in academia, business, the arts, or another sector? Are you looking for a transcript professionally formatted in Tajik, or would you like us to translate the transcript of your Tajik audio or video recording into English? Does your clip use a nonstandard dialect of Tajik, such as Madaklashti? Does it touch on technical subjects that would be difficult for laypeople to grasp? Whatever the circumstances of your Tajik recording, our diverse and well-rounded team is full of specialists in different types of Tajik transcription, so we’re sure we can match you with the right Tajik transcriptionist for you.

We work with all sorts of Tajik audio or video clips—including ones with poor-quality audio or multiple speakers talking over one another. Your recording may be difficult to understand due to slurred or mumbled speech, nonstandard dialectical usage, slang terms, or technical jargon—but our Tajik transcriptionists are experienced experts who can navigate these tricky challenges in transcription. That’s why we’re able to offer our services to clients in Dushanbe, Khujand, Bokhtar, Kulob, Istaravshan, Tursunzoda, Isfara, and anywhere else you may be in Tajikistan or the world.

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