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Access SRT Subtitling Services for Swiss German

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Optimize your work for Swiss German speakers with our Swiss German subtitles.

The world is a very linguistically diverse place. Humans today speak more than 7000 languages, although a few major languages account for a large swath of the global population. However, even English, the most widely spoken language on the planet, is only spoken by 1.35 billion people, a mere fraction of the nearly 8 billion in the world. So, subtitles, best embedded through SRT files, are a necessity to spread your content in a global world.

At, we’ve compiled numerous subtitling translation teams to assist content creators in spreading their online videos, commercials, presentations, TV shows, movies, and documentaries all over the world. Among the many languages we offer is Swiss German—that’s right, we have a subtitling team specifically dedicated to Swiss German. Swiss Germans speak their unique version of the German language with pride, so offering subtitles in Swiss German is a fantastic way to cater to this audience. With us, you get high-quality Swiss German subtitles in easy-to-embed SRT files, making it easy to take your content international.

Discover our prices for Swiss German SRT subtitle files—just reach out and request a free quote.

Why should you add subtitles to your video content?

Subtitles are the easiest way to spread your video content—from movies and TV series to online videos and commercials—to new audiences. Swiss German, the variant of German spoken in Switzerland, has nearly 5 million native speakers in Switzerland, accounting for roughly 60% of the Swiss population. Additional speakers also live in surrounding areas in Germany and Austria. Some people also speak Swiss German as a second language, and your Swiss German subtitles can help learners if they also speak the original language of your content, since they can read the subtitles while listening to the original audio.

A portion of the Swiss German-speaking population can read the language, but they can’t hear it due to hearing impairments. For this population, it’s difficult to enjoy even native Swiss German content—closed captions are necessary to understand the language. If you add Swiss German SRT files to your video content, the hard-of-hearing community in Switzerland will thank you—they’ll be able to enjoy your work at almost the same level as their hearing counterparts. Swiss German subtitles are also great for those on the go who can’t listen to audio.

Why should you get Swiss German subtitles?

Swiss German is often classified as a dialect of German, but the truth is that it’s so divergent that Standard German speakers can’t even understand it. Not only is the pronunciation different, but the vocabulary and even grammar can differ significantly, rendering it unintelligible for Standard German speakers. The Swiss are proud of their unique form of German and use it vibrantly in daily and official life in Switzerland.

You can’t hire German translators to create Swiss German subtitles from your English script—the language is far too different from Standard German. Rather, you need specialized Swiss German subtitlers to ensure your subtitles are rendered in natural-sounding, grammatically correct Swiss German. Our Swiss German SRT specialists know the ins and outs of Swiss German and are proud to provide you with Swiss German subtitles.

Our Swiss German team is your key to catering to your Swiss German audience.

Most Swiss Germans also understand Standard German, but if you want to show your audience that you truly care about them, adding subtitles in Swiss German is the way to do it. We’ve selected the top translators from across Switzerland, creating a passionate Swiss German subtitling team that’s dedicated to creating reliable Swiss German SRT files for any type of video content—even if it contains technical language or is rife with slang expressions.

To truly impress your Swiss German audience, it’s critical to hire Swiss German translators who are experts in their field. That’s precisely what we offer—indeed, we’re your ticket to further success in the wealthy country of Switzerland.

Let’s get started with Swiss German SRT subtitling services today. Tell us what you’re looking for in a message!

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