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Riverside, California: Top Audio and Video Transcription Services

We’re serious about getting you the best transcriptions in Riverside.

​Want high-quality transcription services? Live in Riverside, California? Then you’re in luck. We at lead the online transcription industry, and we’re proud to serve the diverse clientele of Riverside. We mean diverse both in terms of transcription needs—you can come to us whether you’re a professor, businessperson, artist, or anything else—and in terms of language, since we work with over 500 languages. We can even transcribe handwritten documents on top of the usual audio and video clips.

​Another key bonus of our transcription offering is our accuracy guarantee, which ensures your transcript is always reviewed and approved by a human professional, even if it was initially generated by speech-to-text software. We rely on our human transcriptionists, who use their intuition and years of practice to provide you with the highest-quality transcripts in California. From Castle Park to California Citrus State Historic Park, Riverside residents no longer need to worry about finding the right transcription service.

​Dive into transcription—place your first order today.

Get the transcription services that meet your needs.

​At, we marry flexibility and specialization. In other words, we provide clients with diverse needs with tailored, specialized transcription services. This is what makes us the best transcription agency in Riverside, California, and, indeed, the United States.

  • Academia is important to us. That’s why we’re dedicated to serving the students and faculty of great Riverside institutes like the University of California at Riverside, La Sierra University, and the University of Redlands. With us, you can get high-quality academic transcripts of your lecture notes or conference recordings. Does your recording contain a lot of technical jargon? No problem—we’ll assign it to a subject-matter expert.

  • We want to help Riverside creators by offering top-notch podcast and video transcription. We’re so dedicated to helping that we’ll even add speaker identification and timestamps free of charge. You may also be interested in our video captioning service—it’ll make your video more accessible!

  • Riverside residents come from a variety of linguistic backgrounds—Latvian, Hausa, and Burmese are just a few examples of the languages spoken in this California city. Our team can cater to these populations as well, since we can transcribe (and even translate) more than 500 languages. And if you’re looking for subtitles, that’s another one of our services!

  • If you work in a medical subdiscipline—be it oncology, anesthesiology, obstetrics and gynecology, or something else—you know the importance of accurate medical transcription. For our Riverside clients, we’ve partnered with a leading medical transcription company dedicated to providing specialized medical transcription services to hardworking Riverside healthcare providers, whether they’re in Downtown Riverside or Wood Streets.

  • Legal practitioners in Riverside have a massive need for high-quality transcription. They need a lot of it, and high accuracy is non-negotiable. To provide you with the best, we’ve partnered with the number one legal transcription firm on the Internet, who proudly works with Riverside lawyers.

  • It’s okay if you aren’t in any of these categories—because as long as you have an audio clip, video file, or handwritten documents, we can help you!

​You can benefit from transcription right away—order now.

We offer a diverse, well-rounded team of professional transcriptionists.

​There’s a lot more to transcription than just writing down the words you hear. Transcriptionists must be skilled in navigating dialects, accents, and low-quality audio. When it comes to complex subject matter, a transcriptionist has to be deeply familiar with the field to create an accurate transcript. And some clients require translation and proofreading services on top of their transcription needs. Our carefully compiled transcription team responds to each of these needs.

​It’s no wonder Riverside researchers, entrepreneurs, content creators, and others have made their first choice for quality transcripts. With our flexible yet specialized transcription team, we’re here for all 330,000+ Riverside residents—including the ones who speak languages other than English. We charge a fair and reasonable price, and we don’t augment it based on the quality of your audio.

​You can start reaping the benefits of transcription by placing an order now.

Take a moment to request a free sample.

​That’s right—we provide no-obligation free transcription samples! It’s simple—you can just order one below, and we’ll return it to you shortly. If you like what you see, we invite you to place a paid order for your full recording!

​You can order your free transcription sample here.

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