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Finding the right transcription service for you can be easy. You don’t have to search wide and far—you just have to turn to, which provides the best transcripts in all of Pittsburgh—and Pennsylvania, for that matter. We’re the top choice for Pittsburgh residents from all over—whether you love a good hike at Point State Park or enjoy the wonders of the Andy Warhol Museum. Artists, business leaders, academics, and more all trust us to transcribe their English and foreign-language audio clips, video footage, and handwritten documents. So what are you waiting for?

Unfortunately, many transcription agencies these days make heavy use of machine transcription. While this may be easier for them, it doesn’t translate to quality for clients—in fact, machine-transcribed documents are usually full of ridiculous mistakes. Of course, there's an easy workaround: having skilled human transcriptionists carefully review the output of speech recognition software. That's what we like to do to guarantee the utmost quality while reducing the time it takes to generate a great transcript.

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​We’re the number one transcription firm for clients all over Pittsburgh. In fact, clients spanning Pennsylvania and even the rest of the United States entrust their clips to us as well. Why? It’s simple: we provide highly specialized and precise services to a wide range of clients, accommodating a large array of transcription needs.

  • We often serve academic clients, such as students, professors, and researchers. They come from the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, and more—and across many disciplines. What they all have in common is a need for high-quality, precise academic transcription. Thanks to our specialized transcriptionists with knowledge in different fields, we can provide this.

  • Content creators across Pittsburgh often come to us for help with their creative projects, including YouTube videos and podcasts. When we transcribe these kinds of clips, we add speaker identification and timestamps for free. We often offer video captions, a popular choice for creators looking to expand their reach. Finally, if you want to publish your transcript immediately, our proofreading team is happy to look it over for quality assurance.

  • We serve many clients in Pittsburgh, and not all of them are native English speakers. From Vietnamese to Estonian to Greek, people from around the world move to Pittsburgh. They also deserve top-quality transcription services, which is why we’ve hired transcriptionists in more than 80 languages. Want video subtitles? That’s another popular service we offer!

  • We’re happy to assist Pittsburgh’s medical professionals from North Shore to South Side Flats. We help them access the medical transcription services they need. Since medical transcripts can only be crafted by carefully trained specialists, we’ve partnered with the best medical transcription agency around, who works with clips in surgery, dermatology, neurology, and a range of other specialties.

  • Lawyers in Pittsburgh are another client group we see a lot of. After all, legal professionals often require transcripts, and it’s not easy to come by accurate legal transcription services. Thanks to our partnership with a top legal transcription agency, we’re pushing to change that. Message us to be introduced to our superb partners.

  • Of course, we also serve a lot of Pittsburgh clients who don’t fit into any of these categories. Our primary mission is to help anyone who wants their audio, video, or handwritten notes transcribed!

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​We know our team is the best because we’ve scoured the entire transcription industry to track down the top transcriptionists. We put all applicants through rigorous tests to assess their competencies, and we evaluate their backgrounds and supplementary expertise to select skilled, well-rounded transcriptionists who can accommodate the needs of clients with esoteric material.

We know Pittsburgh isn’t a small city—it houses almost 300,000 people. That’s a lot of researchers, entrepreneurs, content creators, and others. But we’re confident we can help them all. Our team is big and diverse enough to do so—by design. So, for the best transcription services in Pittsburgh—in English and other languages—come to us. We also employ a simple pricing model.

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