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Persian: Professional SRT Subtitles

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Make a splash in Iran with professional Persian subtitles.

Since English is so often touted as the universal lingua franca, it may surprise you to learn that only around 1.35 billion people in the world speak English. That’s a far cry from the close to 8 billion that inhabit our planet. So, if you’re looking to expand your audience for your video content, subtitles are in order. And the best approach to subtitling is SRT files.

Here at, we manage several top-class subtitling teams that cover a wide range of languages. One language that we’re proud to offer subtitling services in is Persian. When you order Persian subtitles from us for your TV drama, instructional video, online skit, full-length movie, or other video content, our Persian subtitling experts carefully translate your script into accurate, engaging Persian and put together SRT files, which you can easily embed into your video file upon receipt. Our Persian subtitlers are passionate about bringing great new content to the people of Iran, so they always put special care into their work.

If you’d like to see a quote for our Persian SRT subtitling services, just ask our team! Quotes are free.

No shortage of reasons to subtitle your video content in Persian

Persian subtitles can really expand your audience. The language boasts a whopping 70 million native speakers, spread across Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Russia, and Azerbaijan. When you add the additional 40 million second-language speakers, your new potential audience grows to 110 million. In fact, Persian learners who already speak English may also benefit from SRT subtitles in Persian, since reading the Persian subtitles while listening to English is a great way to brush up on their language skills.

With 110 million total speakers of Persian, it stands to reason that there are also many Persian speakers with hearing impairments that make it difficult to consume Persian-language media without subtitles or closed captions. SRT files in Persian offer the added benefit of making your video content accessible to the hard-of-hearing population in Iran and other Persian-speaking countries. Sometimes those without hearing impairments also can’t use audio, either—because they’re in a public setting, for example—so Persian SRT files work well for this population, too.

Grow your audience extensively with Persian SRT subtitles.

Believe it or not, Persian is related to English and not Arabic. It’s written in a modified version of the Arabic script, but in fact, it’s an Indo-European language. Of course, that doesn’t mean Persian is easy for English speakers to learn, or vice versa. Iran has a relatively low English proficiency rate, which just makes ordering Persian SRT files all the more important.

The first step in producing great SRT subtitles in Persian is to translate your video’s script into Persian. And that’s no small job. Persian presents various difficulties to translators, including its subject-object-verb word order, which differs from the English subject-verb-object word order. Persian is also a pro-drop language, which means speakers often omit subjects that are otherwise marked, but this can result in the subject not being apparent until the end of the sentence, marked as a suffix on the verb. Don’t worry, though—our Persian subtitle experts can take any English script and transform it seamlessly into engaging and accurate Persian.

Our Persian SRT subtitling team consists of highly skilled experts.

To present you with the best Persian SRT subtitling team possible, we scoured all of Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and other Persian-speaking areas to bring you the top Persian subtitlers in the industry. No matter the medium of your content (e.g., TV show, movie, online video), no matter the genre (e.g., action, historical, horror), and no matter the dialect of Persian (e.g., Farsi, Dari, Tajik), we’re dedicated to bringing you high-quality Persian subtitles that unlock a whole new audience for you. We can even handle technical terminology or slang expressions!

Our Persian subtitling team is committed to producing high-quality, accurate Persian SRT files that are immersive for your audience and easy for you to implement into your video content—all at competitive rates. Send us a message today if you’d like to get started with Persian SRT subtitling services.

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