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Non-English Transcription Services

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Product Details

We provide human transcription of calls, interviews, conference proceedings, presentations, and more in over 50 languages. See the full list of languages here.

What we offer:

Simple pricing that doesn't change based on audio quality:

  • Without translation (e.g., German audio or video to German text): $2.10 per audio minute
  • With translation (e.g., German audio or video to English text): $6.95 per audio minute

Speeds and other info

  • Turnaround times vary based on the language (i.e., we work with a lot more German transcriptionists than Latvian transcriptionists).
  • If you need a turnaround time estimate for your project, just contact us.
  • Need help determining how many audio minutes you have? Contact us.
  • We have an order minimum of $45.
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