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Audio and Video Transcription Services in Omaha

Find the best transcription services here.

If you need transcription services, start at the top with We lead the industry in online English and foreign language transcription. Across Omaha, from the Old Market to Joslyn Art Museum, we work with clients from the worlds of business, academia, the arts, and more, providing accurate transcripts of audio, video, and handwritten content.

We always match each transcription project with a member of our team who has the right skills and experience to meet the client’s needs. Whether they compose your transcript from scratch or carefully correct the mistakes of an automatically generated transcript, you can rest assured that the result will always be high quality. Our standards are high, so if your project needs expert help, let us turn your audio or video into an accurate transcript.

Start today and order English transcription.

Here are examples of audio and video transcription services we provide.

Because we hire only the best, we offer a wide variety of audio and video transcription services in Omaha, across the plains of Nebraska, and throughout the United States.

  • Are you a student, researcher, or professor at the University of Nebraska, Metropolitan Community College, or any of the other fine public and private colleges in Omaha? We can provide transcripts of lectures, conferences, or even handwritten notes for your dissertation. We’ll make sure we match your project with a transcriptionist familiar with your area of study.

  • Are you a content creator in the River City who requires video captions a podcast transcript with timestamps? Our team can do that, and we add speaker identification at no additional charge.

  • Is English not your primary language? You may need your project transcribed or even translated into English. For you, we have transcriptionists who work in an extensive range of languages, such as Portuguese, Hindi, and Danish. Our team can also create video subtitles.

  • Are you an attorney or paralegal? We understand that the legal field has its own language, so we’ve partnered with a top-notch legal transcription firm whose transcriptionists are trained and experienced in legal terminology and who work with strict confidentiality.

  • Do you just need a reasonably priced accurate transcript of your audio or handwritten notes? We’d be happy to create that first draft, whether it’s for your family history or your first novel.

Now is the time to start. Order English transcripts.

What makes our team stand out from the crowd?

Our transcription team is outstanding because together, they bring a wide range of expertise, from history, to literature, to current events. With that as a solid foundation, we match each project with a transcriptionist who has strong knowledge of its industry or field of study.

For the 466,000 good folks of Omaha, Nebraska, from content creators, to business owners, to students and educators, we know we provide the best transcription services—and that goes for English speakers as well as speakers of the more than 50 languages we transcribe and translate. Even if your audio is somewhat complex, we still offer a simple pricing plan.

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We’re so confident in our transcriptionists’ skills that we offer new customers a free sample of our work.

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