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Serving Oklahoma with High-Quality Transcription Services

Providing reliable transcripts to Oklahomans is our mission.

What Oklahoma lacks in geographical size and population it makes up for through its rich history, with a plethora of Native American tribes calling the land home (although many had been forcibly relocated to the territory from elsewhere in the southeastern US). Today, Oklahoma is home to more than 4 million people of different backgrounds, united in their love for the natural beauty of the Sooner State, as can be seen from, for example, Beavers Bend State Park. Many of Oklahoma’s residents work in academia, business, entertainment, or other domains that require accurate transcription services, and that’s why we at are here—to provide them with great transcription services in any language and for any type of project.

Evolving technology is a great boon to us as transcriptionists—developments in speech-to-text software allow us to instantly generate a rudimentary transcript that our professional human transcriptionists then carefully comb over while listening to the source material, correcting all errors they find. We offer this hybrid model as a cheaper and quicker solution for transcription services, but of course, our 100% human-generated option is always available for all who prefer it.


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Our transcription team supports people from all over Oklahoma.

Where in Oklahoma are you located? We’re dedicated to serving people from all across this great state, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a major population center like Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, or Broken Arrow, or a smaller settlement like Edmond, Lawton, Moore, Midwest City, Enid, or Stillwater. It also doesn’t matter what field you work in, because our transcriptionists cover every domain imaginable.

  • Oklahoma’s brightest minds gather in the state’s numerous universities, such as the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, the University of Tulsa, Southeastern Oklahoma State University. They unearth new discoveries in all sorts of fields, from biology to political science, and our transcriptionists are here to help them transcribe any audio, video, or handwritten materials they may have. Our team is filled with academic transcriptionists who are specialized in different areas, which means esoteric language in your recordings won’t pose a problem!

  • Oklahoma’s raw creativity is on display in the many productions of Oklahomans, from full-length movies and documentaries to independently produced online videos and podcasts. Transcripts are important in the entertainment industry, whether for organization, SEO, or audience retention, and our team features an abundance of experts specialized in transcripts for the entertainment industry. We’ll add speaker identification tags and timestamps to your transcripts for free, and we can create subtitles or closed captions for your videos, if you need.

  • Most Oklahomans speak English as their first language, but certainly not all. Nicknamed “Native America,” Oklahoma also houses many speakers of indigenous languages, such as Cherokee, Choctaw, and Muscogee (Creek). In addition, immigrants to the state have brought languages like Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, German, Arabic, French, Korean, and Tagalog. Are any of these your language? We offer transcription services in all these languages, as well as countless more, and we can even translate your recording into an English transcript, if you prefer.

  • Keeping Oklahomans safe and healthy is difficult work—any healthcare worker in the state can attest to that. Medical transcription serves many purposes in the healthcare industry, but it must be precise—inaccuracies can have devastating consequences. At our partner medical transcription company, you can find an abundance of talented and passionate transcriptionists specially trained in various medical subfields, including obstetrics and gynecology, radiology, and dermatology, allowing Oklahoman medical professionals access to high-quality medical transcription.

  • Whether they practice in criminal law, copyright law, or corporate law, all Oklahoma legal professionals have to navigate dense and highly technical language in their legal niches that laypeople simply can’t understand. That’s why, when you need legal transcription services, we recommend working our partner legal transcription company, whose specially trained transcriptionists know the ins and outs of various legal subfields and provide highly confidential legal transcription services.

  • Oklahomans of all backgrounds and disciplines are welcome to seek transcription services from us, so even if you don’t fit into the above categories, you can send your audio clips, video files, or handwritten notes our way. We’re eager to help!


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Our team consists of the world’s best transcription talent.

Our transcriptionists come from wide and far—some grew up right in Oklahoma, while others hail from the opposite side of the world. What ties them together is a passion for transforming spoken material into the written word, regardless of the English variety, language, subject matter, or project type. We built a diverse team so we can cater to the diverse needs of Oklahomans—and we feel we’ve succeeded.

Approximately 4 million people live in Oklahoma, and whether they’re active in the academic world, the business sphere, or the entertainment industry, they deserve the utmost quality in their transcription services. We’re here to deliver reliable, flexible, and affordable transcription services to Oklahomans, with our simple and transparent pricing model making the process even easier.

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Why take a chance when you can check out a free transcription sample? We’ll work directly with the material you want transcribed, so send us your audio file, video clip, or handwritten document, and let our transcriptionists get to work. Whether you want to continue with a paid order after that is up to you—but we think you’ll be impressed.


Take our team for a test drive by requesting a free transcription sample today!

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