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Nahuatl Transcription Services

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Everyone’s heard of the Aztec Empire, one of the most prominent civilizations in Mesoamerican history. But what people may not realize is that Nahuatl, the primary language of the Aztec Empire, is still spoken by a sizable population in Mexico today. It’s divided up into various dialects, and all surviving Nahuatl dialects have sustained some level of influence from Spanish, differentiating them from the Classical Nahuatl spoken in the heyday of the Aztec Empire, but they persevere nonetheless. We at are passionate about Nahuatl, and we proudly offer Nahuatl transcription services to anyone who needs them.

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We’re Your Top Team for Professional Nahuatl Transcription

With about 1.7 million native speakers, Nahuatl stands as the largest indigenous language in Mexico, spoken across various areas of Central Mexico. More specifically, Nahuatl-speaking communities can be found in the State of Mexico, Puebla, Veracruz, Hidalgo, Guerrero, San Luis Potosí, Nuevo León, Mexico City, Morelos, Tlaxcala, Michoacán, Jalisco, Tamaulipas, Oaxaca, Durango, and Chihuahua. Modern-day Nahuatl is composed of various dialects, the largest of which is Huasteca Nahuatl, which is spoken by more than a million people.

Nahuatl is a member of the Uto–Aztecan language family, which comprises various languages across central and northern Mexico as well as the southwestern United States. This makes it related to languages like Hopi, Ute, Northern Paiute, Comanche, O’odham, and Shoshoni. Nahuatl words are heavily inflected, with verbs marked for both subject and object, and thanks to its extensive grammatical markers, word order is essentially free. Our team is filled with native-speaking Nahuatl transcriptionists who understand all the intricacies of this beautiful language, so no matter what type of content your audio or video clip deals with, they can craft a professionally formatted transcript—either in Nahuatl or translated into English.

Making the Most of Technology to Bring You Better Transcription Services

Are you on a tight schedule and need your Nahuatl transcript ASAP? We can leverage the power of transcription technology to produce your transcript faster than ever. Speech-recognition software certainly has its pitfalls—it can’t match the accuracy of a professional human transcriptionist—but it’s blazingly fast. So, for faster delivery, we can put your Nahuatl audio or video recording through one of these programs, and then our human transcriptionists will carefully edit all the errors the machine has made.

If you’re worried about erosion of quality with the use of automated transcription technology, don’t be. Our human transcriptionists carefully carry out quality assurance on all our transcripts to ensure they meet our high standards. We especially lean on our human transcriptionists when working with minority languages like Nahuatl, since they simply don’t have as many resources as, say, Spanish. If you’d prefer a transcript that’s 100% human generated, though, that’s also something we can do.

Making Nahuatl Transcripts Your Way

With more than 1.7 million native speakers, Nahuatl boasts a sizable pool of transcription experts to hire, despite its status as a minority language. We’ve selected a diverse range of Nahuatl transcriptionists for our team, from experts in academia and business to professionals in filmmaking or podcasting. This means that, no matter what kind of project you have, we’re confident we have the right Nahuatl transcriptionist for you. That applies even if you’re working with technical content, because we hire subject-matter experts in various fields. We also have Nahuatl translators on our roster if you’d like a translation of your script.

If you’re working with amateur transcriptionists, issues like poor sound quality, a noisy background, or multiple speakers can impact the quality of your transcript. Poor enunciation, nonstandard dialects, or copious use of slang can also confuse an inexperienced transcriptionist. But with us, you can rely on bona fide experts passionate about transcribing the Nahuatl language. We work with clients in Mexico City, Puebla de Zaragoza, Xalapa, Pachuca de Soto, San Luis Potosí, Chilpancingo, Toluca de Lerdo, and other cities all around Mexico and the world—so reach out today!

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