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Minneapolis is a great city, home to hardworking, ambitious researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, medical professionals, lawyers, and more. Residents and visitors alike love Minneapolis for the beauty of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and the excitement of the Mall of America. Here at, we too love Minneapolis, and that’s why we’re so passionate about providing transcripts to its residents.

Our transcription services come in many shapes and sizes—and in more than 80 languages! That’s right, we’re not restricted to English. We work with audio and video content in all sorts of fields, as well as written material of all kinds.

Many of our competitors rely heavily on speech-recognition software in their transcription, but not us—we believe in tried-and-true human expertise. The only usage machine transcription sees with us is as a tool for our human professionals, who carefully pore over any machine-produced transcript to rectify all the laughable errors it's added in. Truly, the expertise of an experienced human transcriptionist is unmatchable, and our team is comprised of the topmost transcription experts.

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Minneapolis clients trust us because we offer tailored, specialized transcription services to a maximum number of clients. With our huge team, we can zero in on the needs of professors, legal professionals, content creators, and more all across Minnesota and the greater United States.

  • Students and professors: If you’re affiliated with a great school like the University of Minnesota, Augsburg University, or Hamline University, you may appreciate our academic transcription services for the lectures, conferences, and group discussions you’ve recorded. We have transcriptionists familiar with just about every field, ensuring a high degree of precision.

  • Content creators and marketers: If you’re looking for top-notch video transcription or closed captions, we’re your team. Would you like us to identify each speaker and add timestamps for each line? We can do that for free. If you’d like, we can also have our proofreading team check the final transcript so it’s nice and polished.

  • Foreign-language speakers: Minneapolis draws in immigrants from all around the world, and we understand you may wish to transcribe material in your native language. With you in mind, we’ve expanded our foreign-language capabilities to include Pashto, Bengali, Swedish, and more than 80 others. We can even translate your foreign-language content into English or offer a video subtitling service if you wish.

  • Healthcare workers: Whether you work in surgery, internal medicine, or urology, you often need reliable medical transcription to support your work. Our medical transcription partner firm works with Minneapolis medical professionals from Linden Hills to King Field, specializing in many different medical subfields.

  • Legal professionals: The law requires precision, and so do legal transcripts. The problem is that the esoteric legal jargon excludes most transcriptionists from completing the job. That’s why you need specialized legal transcription experts like the ones at our partner company. Precision and confidentiality are their perpetual guarantee.

  • Everyone: No matter who you are, we’re here to help you transcribe your audio files, video footage, or handwritten memos into professional transcripts.

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​We have sky-high standards, and that’s pushed us to seek out the best transcriptionists from around the globe. Not only do our transcriptionists have long, impressive track records of transcription success, but they also boast expertise in various other subjects, including linguistics, computer science, and biology. This ensures we can easily match technical content to a knowledgeable transcriptionist who can provide accuracy and precision.

​Minneapolis is home to a whopping 433,000+ people—hardly a small city. Nonetheless, we’re ready to help as many Minneapolis residents as possible, whether their content is scholarly, professional, creative, or personal. Our diverse transcription team, spread out across the world, is eager to help clients in dozens of languages, with translation services also available to those who request it. The best part is that all this quality and flexibility comes at competitive, affordable rates.

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