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Discover Audio and Video Transcription in Mesa, Arizona

Find out what professional transcription can do for you in Mesa.

​ leads the Internet in transcription services, in both English and numerous foreign languages alike. We’re a passionate team of transcriptionists from around the world working hard to assist the people of Mesa, Arizona, whether their content is academic, artistic, or corporate in nature. We can transcribe not only audio and video clips but also handwritten notes, making us a highly flexible transcription agency.

​We love Mesa for the breathtaking Papago Park and the Arizona Museum of Natural History, so we work extra hard for our Mesa clients. We do sometimes use speech-recognition software—it makes our transcription work faster, allowing us to deliver your transcript even sooner—but don't worry, because we always make sure our human transcriptionists meticulously scrutinize the software's work before the transcript ever graces your inbox. We’ve worked on all kinds of transcription projects—from sermons to interviews to YouTube videos—so we’re certain we can help just about any Mesa resident.

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We don’t leave anyone in Mesa behind.

High-quality transcription services should be available to everyone in Mesa who needs them. This belief is what drives our ambition to build a highly diverse, flexible team that can accommodate the needs of various clients from across Mesa, Arizona, and the United States.

  • Our academic transcriptionists are here to aid the scholars of the University of Phoenix, Rio Salado College, Grand Canyon University, and more. We take pride in the specialized expertise of our transcriptionists, who can craft highly accurate transcripts in any academic field. So, whether you have a recorded lecture, a clip from a conference, or handwritten notes, allow us to create professionally formatted transcripts.

  • If you’re creating movies, YouTube videos, or other forms of entertainment, you may need specialized transcription services such as captions. We offer a number of services for content creators, and we even throw in extras like timestamps and speaker tags for free. If you’re looking to immediately publish your transcript, why not have our proofreading team also look it over to ensure professionalism?

  • English isn’t the native language of all Mesa residents. Whether it’s Mongolian, Russian, or Arizona’s indigenous Navajo, we support a number of foreign languagesmore than 500, to be exact—for direct transcription or transcription and translation into English. Have a foreign-language video you want subtitled? That’s another of our specialized service offerings!

  • Mesa healthcare workers take pride in their work, whether they hail from Las Sendas, Alta Mesa, or Red Mountain Ranch. Practitioners in fields from oncology to anesthesiology to obstetrics and gynecology require high-quality transcripts for a variety of reasons, but only specialized medical transcription firms, like the one we’ve partnered with, can provide this. We’ll get you in contact with our partners for high-quality medical transcription.

  • Like healthcare workers, lawyers in Mesa also rely on accurate legal transcripts to get their jobs done—but the complex nature of law makes this an impossible task for general transcriptionists. That’s why we’ve partnered with a legal transcription company—our partner works in many areas of the law to provide top-quality transcripts.

  • Of course, anyone else with transcription needs is equally welcome to reach out. We’re ready to help anyone and everyone in Mesa!

Ordering transcription services is easy: it’s just one click away.

We pride ourselves on our transcription quality.

​We’re the leading transcription service in Mesa, Arizona, because of our strict standards of quality, which drive our stringent screening process for new transcription candidates. We take only the most skilled transcriptionists from around the world, with a focus on those with extra background expertise in various subjects. This ensures we can provide tailored transcription in specialist fields, such as psychology, engineering, and biology.

​We know the people of Mesa are ambitious. All 528,000 residents of this great city have their own dreams and ambitions, and, in many cases, professional transcription services can help them achieve these. We’re proud to work with Mesa business leaders, researchers, lawyers, artists, and others in both English and many foreign languages, no matter the content of their transcripts. We’re transparent in our pricing—no price hikes for complex content or poor audio quality—so you always know how much you’re paying.

Experience the power of professional transcription now!

It starts for free.

​Want a free sample of our transcription skills? Just ask! Since our transcriptionists are so skilled, we have no problem offering free samples to all first-time clients. Just click the link below to request yours!

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