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Our Professional Malay Subtitling Service, Offering SRT Files

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Unlock a vast new audience with Malay subtitles.

It’s true that English is the biggest language in the world, widely spoken not only in Anglophone countries but also by second-language learners all around the globe. But that doesn’t mean that English is the only language you should offer your content in. Whether you’re marketing a movie, documentary, video game, online video, or TV series, if it’s only in English, you’re missing out on a huge market that subtitles in languages like Malay could help you break into.

At, we make accessing Malay subtitling services easier than ever. With our diverse team of native-speaking Malay translators and subtitling experts, you can trust that your Malay subtitling project is in good hands. When our subtitlers deliver your Malay subtitles, they’ll come in the form of SRT files, which are the standard in the industry, as they’re easy to implement into video content. And it’s really that simple—that’s all you need to tap into the tens of millions of new viewers in Malaysia!


You might be wondering about our rates for Malay subtitling services. Just message us about a quote—we’ll provide one for free!

Unlock an entire nation with professional Malay subtitling services.

It might surprise you to know that the official language of Malaysia has virtually no native speakers—but it’s still the biggest language in the country. Malaysia is an incredibly vibrant and diverse nation, with 137 languages spoken in the Southeast Asian country. The biggest native languages in Malaysia are Kedahan Malay, Kelantanese Malay, Perak Malay, and Terengganu Malay, with Iban, Sarawak Malay, Bajaw, and Sugut Dusun also being spoken by many Malaysians—but the various ethnolinguistic groups are all tied together by Standard Malay, with an estimated 30+ million total speakers.

Malay subtitles make your video content accessible to more or less the entirety of the Malaysian population, but it gets even better: since Indonesian is just a different standardized version of the same language, you can also gain access to more than 200 million people in Indonesia. And then there’s the deaf and hard-of-hearing community in Malaysia, which will certainly appreciate you adding subtitles or closed captions (as opposed to dubs) to your content, as well as anyone who wants to watch without turning the sound on. In short, Malay subtitles are a powerful tool for gaining a new audience.

A brief exploration of Malaysia’s lingua franca, Malay

Malay is by far the biggest member of the Austronesian language family, a massive collection of related languages that stretch all across Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Oceania, and even Madagascar. You may have noticed that many of the biggest native languages in Malaysia are a form of Malay, and that’s because they’re closely related—in fact, most of Malaysia’s many languages come from the Austronesian family.

Malay might seem simple at first, given its lack of grammatical gender and the fact that verbs don’t conjugate for person or number. But Malay nouns also lack a plural form, and verbs aren’t marked for tense, which can lead to confusion for an English speaker. Both tense and pluralization are inferred through context but may be ambiguous in some cases. There is also a lot of inflection in Malay, particularly to denote mood and voice on verbs. Malay word order is commonly either object-verb-subject or subject-verb-object, with object-verb-subject being more common, but since Malay lacks case markings to indicate which noun is which, the distinction is encoded into the verb. This is where the notorious Malayic trigger system comes into play, with the verb indicating which noun is the subject and which is the object. All these linguistic intricacies make it easy to see why it’s necessary to hire a professional if you want high-quality Malay subtitles for your project.

Our team’s professional Malay subtitles will take you far in Malaysia.

We’re proud to say that our Malay subtitling experts hail from all areas of Malaysia, proudly representing their diverse country’s lingua franca. They’re passionate about bringing new content—from movies, TV shows, and video games to informative documentaries and online videos—to their compatriots, and they make adding subtitles easy for you by delivering them in the SRT format.

You may be wondering if our Malay subtitling team can help you if your script contains esoteric language or technical subject matter. Don’t worry—that’s no problem for us! Just tell us what field your script deals with so we can find the right subtitler for you.

Malay subtitles are your first step toward a loyal new audience in Malaysia. Contact us today to get started!

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