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Professional SRT Subtitling for Luxembourgish

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Cater to Luxembourgers in style with professional Luxembourgish subtitles.

Our world is rife with languages—more than 7000 different languages are spoken around the world. Many are small and endangered, but that doesn’t change the fact that even the biggest languages, like English, Spanish, and Mandarin, only represent a fraction of the global population. If you want to increase your audience, or if you want to target viewers in a specific region, professional subtitling services are in order—and SRT files are the most convenient way to add subtitles to video content.

At, we’re proud to offer SRT subtitling services for a wide number of languages. Of course, we have subtitling services available for major languages like French, German, and Spanish, but we also serve smaller languages like Luxembourgish. Adding subtitles in Luxembourgish works well for those specifically targeting a Luxembourgish audience or for language activists interested in producing more content in Luxembourgish. We have a skilled team of Luxembourgish subtitlers who can work with various types of video content—movies, TV series, online videos, documentaries, and more—to create high-quality, reliable SRT files that are easy to embed into your video and deliver a superb viewing experience to your Luxembourgish audience.

We can provide a free quote for our Luxembourgish SRT subtitling services. Just get in touch to request one.

What can SRT subtitles in Luxembourgish do for your video content?

Luxembourgish subtitles allow you to easily access much of the population of Luxembourg. Roughly 600,000 people, including 77% of Luxembourg’s population as well as neighboring areas of Germany, Belgium, and France, speak Luxembourgish as a native language, and Luxembourgish SRT files turn them all into potential viewers. Luxembourgers tend to also speak French, German, and English, but many are proud of their native Luxembourgish language and will respond positively to investment in Luxembourgish from content creators, resulting in more loyalty among your Luxembourgish audience.

Another benefit of Luxembourgish SRT subtitles is their ability to reach those who are deaf or hard of hearing in Luxembourg. While subtitles aren’t as effective for this population as closed captioning, with Luxembourgish subtitles, the hard-of-hearing community in Luxembourg can enjoy your content at almost the same level as those without hearing impairments. Of course, it’s also common to watch online content without audio, particularly on Facebook, so if you add Luxembourgish subtitles, you can also cater to Luxembourgers who don’t want to use audio.

Luxembourgish: A surprisingly good subtitling language

Luxembourgish is a West Germanic language that is closely related to English and especially German. Given that Luxembourgish is roughly as close to Standard German as various German dialects, it’s Luxembourgish’s status as Luxembourg’s national language and its standardized written form that distinguish it as an independent language. Luxembourgers are proud of their language, as well, which makes adding Luxembourgish SRT files a good way to stand out with your Luxembourgish audience.

Though Luxembourgish is closely related to German, a German translator could never handle a Luxembourgish subtitling job. In particular, Luxembourgish has borrowed a great deal of vocabulary from French. Grammar can differ, such as in word order—Luxembourgish allows both German and Dutch word orders, both of which place the finite verb in the second position of a sentence but at the end if it’s a subordinate clause. An experienced Luxembourgish translator is necessary for high-quality Luxembourgish subtitles.

When it comes to Luxembourgish SRT subtitles, trust our experts.

Our Luxembourgish subtitling team comprises passionate Luxembourgish translators from all over Luxembourg and the neighboring regions of Germany, Belgium, and France who have experience creating Luxembourgish subtitles for various types of video content. Since we evaluate all Luxembourgish translators in a series of strict subtitling assessments, we can ensure quality with every Luxembourgish subtitling order. We also seek to hire subtitlers who know other fields, which allows us to navigate subtitles for technical content with ease.

To truly impress your Luxembourgish audience, it’s important that your Luxembourgish SRT files are high-quality. Quality is the guarantee, complemented by competitive rates that make Luxembourgish subtitles accessible to more creators.

Get started with your Luxembourgish SRT subtitling project today—send us a message.

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