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Audio and Video Transcriptionists in Lexington, Kentucky

Where can you find great transcription services in Lexington?

​You don’t need to look very far. From the renowned Keeneland Association to Fort Boonesborough, the only transcription company you need to rely on in Lexington is Since we serve all kinds of clients—academic, business, creative, and beyond—in English and hundreds of foreign languages, you can rest assured that we can accommodate your individual transcription needs. You don’t even need an audio or video clip, because we can also transcribe handwritten material.

We take pride in the quality of our transcripts, which is why we only use speech-recognition software with extreme caution. This technology is known for its inaccuracy, equivalent to an amateur transcriptionist without any human intuition—but what it can do is generate a somewhat accurate base transcript in a matter of seconds. We may feed your audio or video clip into such a program and then have our human transcription experts meticulously go over it to smooth out all the errors, resulting in a blazingly fast yet ever-accurate transcription job. What you need, if you’re looking for quality, is experienced human transcriptionists—and that’s just what you’ll get with

​We can’t wait to serve you—order your first transcript now.

Everyone in Lexington can enjoy our transcription services.

​No matter who you are in Lexington, we’re the best transcription company for you. Why? Because we have specialized services geared toward many different types of clients. This also makes us the best option in Kentucky and even the United States.

  • Lexington is full of great schools—whether it’s the University of Kentucky, Transylvania University, or American National University at Lexington. Students and professors at these institutes can come to us for quality transcripts of their recorded lectures, conference notes, or group discussion clips. Naturally, we’ll make sure a subject-matter expert is in charge of your transcription.

  • Lexington’s artists and content creators produce great work, and we’d like to help them perfect their craft. Features like speaker identification and timestamps are important for content creators, and we add them for free. Services like video captioning are also popular. Then, we can even proofread your transcript before delivering it to ensure it’s grammatically sound.

  • Whether you’re a new immigrant to Lexington or are growing up as a linguistic minority in this Kentucky city, you can rely on us for foreign-language transcription services. We have transcriptionists in more than 500 languages—everything from French and Spanish to more underserved languages like Hausa or even Navajo. As an additional service, we can make subtitles for your videos.

  • Lexington is home to a lot of healthcare workers who toil away in various specialties to provide care to patients. We do what we can to help—by partnering with a top-ranked medical transcription company that works with subfields, such as psychiatry, immunology, and hematology, we help Lexington medical professionals access the high-quality medical transcription services they need to continue providing quality care to residents.

  • All over Lexington—whether Historic Downtown or Bell Court/Kenwick—legal professionals work hard to serve their clients. That’s what we do too. That’s why we’ve sought out the best legal transcription partner in the industry. Now, lawyers in Lexington who require high-quality transcription can simply turn to us.

  • Our service offerings aren’t limited to the above. If you have audio, video, or handwritten material you need a transcript of—for any reason—you can trust us to handle the job.

Why wait? Reap the benefits of transcription now by placing an order.

Our quality guarantee is possible thanks to our superb team.

​We don’t fool around when it comes to the hiring process. Transcriptionists have to pass a strict set of tests to join our team, allowing us to carefully assess their capabilities. But we also place value on their expertise in other fields—that’s important to ensure we can properly cater to clients with technical language in their clips. Then, by making our search for transcriptionists global, we cover many foreign languages, further expanding our service offering.

We love Lexington, and we love serving the 324,000+ people who call this city their home. It’s rewarding to help researchers, medical professionals, business owners, and others achieve their goals through quality transcription services. We’re proud of our diverse services, including translation and proofreading, that zero in on each client’s needs. And we offer it all at competitive rates in a simple pricing model.

​Set the transcription process in motion—order now.

Try a free sample before a paid order.

​Our transcriptionists are talented, and they like to show off their skills. Give them a chance to impress you by ordering a transcription sample—it’s completely free and doesn’t come with any obligations.

Take us for a test drive—order a free sample!

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