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Our Transcription Services Team in Jersey City, New Jersey

Discover a whole new world of transcription in Jersey City with us.

Jersey City is a vibrant, lively city with soul, a great place to live for anyone who wants to enjoy the excitement of New York City without all the problems that come with actually living in the iconic metropolis. In fact, sometimes the best way to enjoy NYC is from Jersey City, taking in the views from Liberty State Park, J Owen Grundy Park, or Flag Plaza. The main reason we love Jersey City, though, is the people, who tirelessly strive for excellence in academia, business, entertainment, and beyond. For them, we’re proud to offer our transcription services.

We cater to hardworking Jersey City residents in the academic, corporate, and entertainment worlds, with our diverse team of transcriptionists drawing on their vast experience to provide the highest quality they can. We can even transcribe your audio or video clips recorded in a foreign language, if you want—we offer dozens of languages. For clients looking to save on money or time, we offer our machine transcription post editing services—and for those who value getting the highest level of quality, we, of course, offer 100% human-generated transcripts.

What kind of transcript do you want? Tell us when you place an order today!

Serving all of Jersey City with top-quality transcription services

We service all areas of Jersey City equally. We’re happy to work with people from all over this great city, whether they reside in Journal Square, Bergen-Lafayette, Greenville, McGinley Square, the Heights, or another vibrant neighborhood of Jersey City (or somewhere else in New Jersey). The sorts of transcription services we offer to our clients are numerous, so we’ve listed a few examples:

  • Our academic transcriptionists are proud to serve the diligent students, professors, and researchers of esteemed Jersey City universities such as New Jersey City University or Saint Peter’s University. Whether you want to transcribe clips of lectures, interviews, panel discussions, webinars, or anything else, you can trust our team of seasoned academic transcriptionists, who are familiar with your field and understand the terminology.

  • If you’re producing great entertainment content in Jersey City, we’d love to help. We’re passionate about providing transcription services for movies, videos, documentaries, podcasts, and other projects by Jersey City creatives, to the point that we’ll even add speaker identification tags and timestamps for free. If you’re looking for subtitles or closed captions, we also offer those services.

  • Medicine is one of the trickiest transcription specializations because precision can be a matter of life or death, but medical specialties—such as radiology, psychiatry, or immunology—are so esoteric that most people simply lack the know-how to accurately transcribe files in the field. To ensure that Jersey City doctors and nurses have access to trustworthy medical transcription services, we’ve partnered with a top provider of medical transcription services—they’re the optimal way to obtain medical transcription in just about any medical specialty.

  • Accessing high-quality legal transcription services is often a challenge for any legal professional in Jersey City. It’s hard to find a professional who understands the complex terminology in immigration law, entertainment law, copyright law, and other legal subfields. But we have the solution. We’ve partnered with a top provider of legal transcription services. Our partners hire specialized transcriptionists for numerous specialties within the field of law, and their precision is unmatched.

  • We provide many more transcription services than just what’s listed above. Anyone in Jersey City can take advantage of our transcription talent to have their audio recording, video clip, or handwritten notes transcribed—no matter what the project is.

Take the first step toward transcription services by placing an order with us now.

Our well-rounded and diverse transcription team spans the world.

Part of our quality offering to the people of Jersey City is a high degree of flexibility, with tailored transcription services to fit the needs of our diverse clients across the domains of academia, business, entertainment, and beyond. For that, we need a large and diverse team, which is why we’ve recruited our transcriptionists from all around the world. Not only does our team accommodate several dozen foreign languages, but we also have experts in a wide range of disciplines, which means technical terminology won’t throw us off.

Jersey City houses around 292,000 people, and while that may not seem like a lot compared to neighboring New York City, that’s still a huge number of people who need top-tier transcription services to advance in their projects. For clients across Jersey City, our transcriptionists are here to help with projects in academia, business, entertainment, and other domains, in any language you want. You determine the turnaround time, and we offer our services at competitive prices—so we really believe we’re the best transcription company for the people of Jersey City.

We’re eager to help you with your transcription project—just place an order now!

Let us prove ourselves in a free sample.

Our transcription team is phenomenal, but you don’t have to take our word for it—we can show you directly! If you send us the recording you want transcribed, we can transcribe a portion of it for free, putting on display the unparalleled skills of our transcriptionists. What happens after that is up to you—you’re under no obligations.

There’s nothing to lose, so why not request a free transcription sample today?

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