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Italian Subtitling Services (SRT Files)

Subtitles are your key to the wider world.

All humans connect with each other through language—but not the same one. In fact, throughout the world, people speak more than 7000 different languages, and, though English is the most widely spoken one, only 13% of the global population speaks it. That means, if you want to build an audience around the world, subtitles are necessary. Subtitles may sound daunting, but they’re not—at least not if you use SRT files, which are quick and easy to implement. is your key to unlocking an international audience. We offer SRT subtitling services in several major languages, including Italian. So, if you’re targeting Italy, just turn to us. Are you looking to subtitle a full-length, drama-filled movie? What about a suspenseful TV series? Or maybe an innovative documentary, or maybe a short online video? No matter what it is, our Italian subtitlers are here to help, navigating the cultural differences between Italy and the English-speaking world as they translate. The SRT files they deliver to you at the end will be clean, crisp, and ready for immediate implementation—no effort needed from you!

We provide Italian SRT file subtitling services at competitive rates. Contact us for a free quote.

With Italian subtitles, you can reach millions more.

Subtitling your video in Italian allows the 67-odd million Italian speakers to watch your content comfortably. Obviously, this is the primary advantage of adding Italian SRT files to your movie or video. But it’s certainly not the only one. Don’t forget that, as a prominent, prestigious, romantic language, Italian also has many second-language learners—more than 13 million—who would love to watch your content with Italian subtitles. After all, reading the subtitles can be a powerful learning tool for them.

But there’s also another population that tends to be overlooked: the 7 million or so Italians who suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Being deaf or hard of hearing means they can’t easily access native Italian material unless the creator was considerate enough to include closed captions. So, Italian subtitles are a boon to this population, and, although they may miss the descriptions of other sound cues, they’ll be able to generally follow along and enjoy your content. This is also useful for people who can’t use audio equipment at the time they tune in.

Italian: A great choice for a subtitling language

Italian is, of course, the language of Italy, having developed from the various forms of vulgar Latin spoken in the Roman homeland. It’s the official language of Italy and San Marino and co-official in Vatican City and Switzerland, and it also has speaker communities in Slovenia’s Slovene Istria and Croatia’s Istria County. Despite Italian’s shared roots with English, many Italians can’t speak English well, so subtitles are an important tool for reaching an Italian audience.

Italian can be tough to translate, so make sure you’re entrusting the job to true professionals. Despite their similarities, Italian and English also have a lot of differences, and, with Italian’s grammatical gender, complicated verb conjugations, and tendency to omit the subject from sentences, creating accurate Italian SRT files can be a tricky task.

Our Italian SRT subtitling team is here to help.

We have the best Italian translators from all across Italy and other Italian-speaking regions on staff to make sure you get the highest-quality Italian subtitles possible. We take care to select translators with experience working with diverse projects—from feature-length films to short sketches on YouTube—and we rigorously test their competencies. We also select subtitlers for their knowledge in additional areas, such as pathology, so that they can expertly translate any technical language they may encounter in your content.

When you order Italian subtitles from us, what you get is a clean, crisp Italian SRT file that you can embed into your video quickly and effortlessly. Then, you get a surge in new Italian viewers.

Send us a message today if you’d like to know more about how you can benefit from Italian SRT subtitles.

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