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Transcription Services You Can Rely On in Irvine, California

We offer the best in transcription services to the residents of Irvine.

We’ll just come right out and say it: we love Irvine. With the pristine shores of Crystal Cove State Park, the quaint and unique Tanaka Farms, or the exhilarating Great Park Balloon Ride, what’s there not to love? But our favorite asset of Irvine, California, is the city’s people. All throughout the city are people engaged in the academic, business, and entertainment sectors, working hard to produce high-quality work. Whenever they need transcription services, we at are committed to being there, providing the services they need.

Just as the residents of Irvine are diverse, so too are their transcription needs, and accordingly, we’ve made our transcription team as diverse as possible to accommodate everyone. We have transcriptionists with experience in different domains of transcription, as well as transcription experts in different languages. Whether you want us to create a transcript from the ground up or to save a bit of time and money by meticulously editing the results of an automated transcription program, we’re here to create the transcript you want.

You can place an order for our transcription services here.

Transcription services anyone in Irvine can rely on

So, where are you in Irvine? Maybe Woodbury, Turtle Rock, or Westpark? Or perhaps Northwood, Portola Springs, or Quail Hill? Wherever you are, you can take advantage of our transcription services, which we proudly offer to all Irvine residents. We offer all sorts of transcription specialties, and for more details, just read our list below:

  • If you study or research at one of Irvine’s universities—the University of California at Irvine, Concordia University Irvine, or Westcliff University, for example—our academic transcriptionists would be happy to offer their help transcribing anything in your field. Even if your recording contains a lot of technical jargon, don’t fret, since we hire subject-matter experts from all sorts of disciplines.

  • If you’re producing a movie, video, or podcast in Irvine, reach out to us for high-quality transcription services. Transcripts for podcasts or videos can dramatically boost your SEO score, while subtitles or closed captions for movies or videos are a prime way to grow your viewership. For transcripts, we’ll even include speaker identification tags and timestamps for free.

  • California has long been a top destination for immigrants to the United States, and Irvine is a popular city to settle in, with half of Irvine’s population speaking a language other than English. We cater to both the native English-speaking population and the foreign-language-speaking population, thanks to our multilingual team. We handle transcription services in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, Indonesian, Russian, Arabic, and dozens more.

  • For those who work in healthcare in Irvine, it can be frustrating to try and locate high-quality medical transcription services for specialized fields such as obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology, or hematology. But it doesn’t have to be hard—you can simply reach out to us for an introduction to our medical transcription partner firm, who hires medical transcriptionists specialized in all sorts of niches.

  • Anyone in Irvine who works in the legal profession knows how important accuracy is when it comes to legal transcription. Unfortunately, the complex nature of the language in legal niches like finance and securities law, copyright law, or estate law mean that most transcriptionists can’t handle the job. But the transcriptionists at our legal transcription partner company can. Just contact us for an introduction to expert legal transcriptionists who specialize in various fields of the law.

  • We also transcribe all sorts of other audio files, video clips, and handwritten notes, so even if your project doesn’t fall into one of the above categories, we can still help you. After all, our goal is to help anyone in Irvine who needs professional transcription services.

Why not place an order for our transcription services? Our team will take it from here.

Bringing top transcription talent right to you

There are a lot of great transcriptionists in the world—but it’s hard to find them on your own. That’s why we’ve done it for you. Our team covers the entire world, with talented transcriptionists from every part of the globe, representing a wide array of languages. They’ve passed our tests to prove that they have what it takes to consistently deliver high-quality transcripts to our Irvine clients, and thanks to their vast experience in different types of transcription, we’re able to cater our offering to anyone in Irvine.

More than 307,000 people live in Irvine, and among the population are a great number of people in need of transcription services—whether for recordings of research interviews, video clips from business conferences, or movies in need of subtitles. Our team is here for anyone in Irvine looking for top transcriptionists. We work on your schedule and for competitive prices, always delivering the highest quality we can.

If you place an order for transcription services now, we’ll get right to work.

Want a free sample? Get one here!

Any first-time client in Irvine who wants to see a free sample of our work is more than welcome to request one. Send us the file you want to have transcribed—whether it’s an audio clip, video footage, or a handwritten document—and we’ll send back a transcript of a small portion of it. If you love what you see, you can then place a paid transcription order!

It only takes a moment to request a free transcription sample—so why not do it now?

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