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Subtitling Services for Haitian Creole in SRT File Format

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Our Haitian Creole subtitles pave the way to a fan base in Haiti.

Lots of people all around the world speak English, with most English speakers learning it as a second language. But English might not be as widely spoken as you think. Estimates place the number of worldwide English speakers at around 17%, with the percentage significantly lower in some countries. Haiti is one country where English proficiency tends to be low, so if you want to build up an audience of Haitians for your video content, you’ll need to purchase Haitian Creole subtitling services.

Fortunately, we at can make purchasing Haitian Creole subtitling services easy. Whether you’re looking to add subtitles to a feature-length film, a TV series, a video game, a nature documentary, or an online comedy video, we’re dedicated to helping you break into the Haitian market with high-quality Haitian Creole subtitles. No matter what kind of project you need Haitian Creole subtitles for, we’ll deliver them as SRT files, which are easy for you to add to your project.

To determine how much our Haitian Creole subtitling services will cost for you, contact us today for a free quote!

With Haitian Creole subtitles, you can reach millions of more potential viewers.

Haitian Creole boasts around 12 million native speakers, which is more than the entire population of Haiti. The vast majority of Haitians speak Haitian Creole as their first language, and it shares co-official language status in the country with French. However, since many Haitians have emigrated to other countries, Haitian Creole–speaking communities have cropped up elsewhere in the Americas, such as the US, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Chile, Canada, Brazil, and the Bahamas.

Among the 12 million people who speak Haitian Creole are also many people who suffer from hearing impairments. If you add Haitian Creole subtitles to your content, you can accommodate the needs of Haiti’s hard-of-hearing community, especially if you opt for closed captions, which include descriptions of non-linguistic sounds. Don’t forget all the people who may simply want to watch your video without sound, too—Haitian Creole subtitles allows you to cater to this demographic as well.

Haiti: the world’s biggest creole language

A pidgin is a language that originates as a mixture of multiple other languages, typically used as an in-between language for people of different ethnolinguistic origins to communicate. A pidgin becomes a creole when children start learning the language as their mother tongue, which is precisely what happened with Haitian Creole. Most of Haitian Creole’s vocabulary is derived from French, but some of its vocabulary also comes from English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Wolof, Fon, Kongo, and Taíno (the extinct indigenous language of Hispaniola). Haitian Creole’s grammar mixes French conventions with the grammatical structure of West African languages, rendering it mutually unintelligible with French.

Haitian Creole’s grammar is similar to that of French in certain regards, but it’s significantly simplified, with no grammatical gender and no verb conjugation for person or tense. Unlike in French, which forms plural nouns by adding an -s, Haitian Creole creates plurals by adding the word yo after the respective noun, but only when it’s definite (“the”)—nouns that are indefinite (“a/an”) don’t have a plural form. Speaking of definiteness, Haitian Creole places the indefinite marker before the noun, like in English or French, but the definite marker comes after the noun. In verbs, tense is often left unmarked, although the language does feature numerous tense particles to clearly indicate the time of an action.

Enjoy high-quality Haitian Creole subtitles from our experienced team.

As you can tell from the grammatical description of Haitian Creole, it’s not exactly a simple language. But with our team of passionate, native-speaking Haitian Creole subtitling experts, you don’t have to worry—they leverage their long-standing experience working on a variety of projects to bring you the best Haitian Creole subtitles possible, delivered in SRT format to make your life easier.

You may have some reservations about working with our team if your script contains esoteric language or niche subjects that demand expert knowledge—but we can handle that! Our team is populated with subject-matter experts in various fields, so simply tell us what domain you’re working in and we’ll match you with a subtitler in your field.

If you’d like to make your content accessible to the people of Haiti, contact us today—it’s that easy!

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