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Subtitling Services with SRT Files for Finnish

Opera Знімок

Find a new audience in Finland with our reliable Finnish subtitling service.

There are a lot more languages in the world than a lot of people realize. Though the precise figure can change based on how you classify languages versus dialects, estimates put the total number of languages worldwide at around 7,000. Of course, only a small fraction of these account for most people in the world—but still, if you only make your content available in English, you’re inevitably missing out on a huge audience. That’s why adding subtitles to your content can be so valuable.

At, our mission is to help you reach new audiences around the world by making your content accessible in other languages. We achieve that through our SRT subtitling services, which we offer in dozens of world languages—including Finnish. Even though English and Finnish are nothing alike, Finland boasts a high rate of English proficiency, but of course, Finns are more comfortable in their native language. With Finnish subtitles, they can fully enjoy your online video, movie, documentary, video game, or other content, catching all the subtle nuances they may have missed in English. If you want to tap into the Finnish market, our Finnish subtitling team can help—we’ll provide nice, crisp SRT files that are easy to embed into your content.

You may be wondering how much our Finnish subtitling services cost. Send us a message for a free quote today!

Exploring the benefits of Finnish subtitles

If you don’t think purchasing Finnish subtitles is worth it, you may want to reconsider. Finland is a wealthy nation of more than 5.5 million people, nearly all of whom speak Finnish as their first language. Finns are eager consumers of entertainment media like movies, videos, documentaries, games, and more, so adding Finnish subtitles to your works invites this promising new audience. Even if they can speak English, Finnish speakers almost always appreciate subtitles in their language, rewarding creators who accommodate them with increased loyalty.

Adding Finnish subtitles to your content offers additional benefits as well. An estimated 300,000 people in Finland are deaf or suffer from hearing loss, and without subtitles, your content may be entirely inaccessible to them—no matter what the spoken language is. Finnish subtitles allow you to cater to this minority audience, who will appreciate your dedication to them. And, of course, even those without hearing impairment may not always be able to turn on the sound when watching online videos, so implementing Finnish subtitles is an important way to spread your content far and wide across Finland.

Finnish: a unique language that’s worth adding subtitles in

Finnish is a language native to Europe, but it’s not a European language—at least not in a linguistic sense. Most languages on the continent, including English, French, German, and Russian, come from the Indo–European language family, but Finnish’s roots are in the Uralic family, which originated around the Ural mountain range in modern-day Russia. It’s related to Estonian, Hungarian, and Sámi, but otherwise, it’s entirely unrelated to other languages in Europe.

Finns are proud of their unique language, which is notorious for its complex grammatical structure and a strong aversion to loanwords. Where languages like German would simply adopt a word from another language, Finnish prefers to make its own native word for a new concept. Additionally, with 15 noun cases, Finnish is an inflection-heavy language that marks case with suffixes, with the consonants of stem words sometimes undergoing unexpected—but regular—changes when inflected.

Let us open your content up to the people of Finland.

We’ve hired passionate Finnish subtitlers from every corner of Finland, and they’re enthusiastic about helping you tap into the Finnish market with your video content. They’ve already gained experience creating Finnish subtitles for works of various types and genres, so we’re confident that our team can seamlessly navigate your Finnish subtitling project—whatever it may be. If your content contains a lot of esoteric language and you’d like a subject-matter expert to handle the job, no problem—many of our Finnish subtitlers are skilled in other fields as well!

Quality is important in your Finnish subtitles, so make sure you’re working with bona fide experts like ours. At, we place great value on subtitle quality, bringing you the best Finnish subtitles on the web.

Ready to get started with your Finnish subtitling project? Contact us today with the details!

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