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Subtitles in SRT File Format for the Dutch Language


Embed Dutch subtitles into your video content and expand your audience by tens of millions.

How many languages are spoken in the world today? It may surprise you to know that there are more than 7000. Of course, many are small and endangered—but even English, which is touted as the universal lingua franca, is only spoken by around 1.35 billion of the nearly 8 billion people on the planet. That means restricting your content to a single language isn’t a good idea—but subtitles, in the convenient form of SRT files, are the solution. is your one-stop shop for all your subtitling needs, in dozens of languages. Among our many language offerings is Dutch, with our Dutch translators at the ready to create crisp, engaging SRT subtitles for your video content, no matter the type, genre, or subject matter. Perhaps you’re airing a TV show or premiering a movie, or maybe you’re uploading a comedy sketch to the internet, or maybe you want to show your commercial to Dutch speakers. Whatever your goal is, our Dutch subtitling team is here to help you break into the Dutch market.

Contact us today to ask about a free quote for our Dutch SRT subtitling services! It’s quick and easy.

Check out the benefits of adding Dutch subtitles to your video content.

Dutch is no small language—with more than 25 million native speakers, it’s a major European language that allows you to cater to audiences in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Suriname. Don’t forget the 5 million or so second-language speakers of Dutch, either—they can also benefit from the Dutch SRT files our team can create. In fact, Dutch subtitles can be a great opportunity for Dutch learners to better acquaint themselves with the language, especially if they already understand the audio language.

Some people who know Dutch aren’t Dutch “speakers,” per se—those in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Suriname who are deaf or hard of hearing can’t enjoy video content in Dutch if it doesn’t have subtitles or closed captions. Closed captions are more appropriate for the hard-of-hearing community, since they also describe non-language-based sounds, and we can make Dutch closed captions for you too if you want. But even with just subtitles, this population can generally enjoy your content—and so can those who simply can’t use audio when they tune in, perhaps because they’re in a public setting.

Dutch is a great choice for a subtitling language.

Dutch is one of English’s closest relatives, bridging the gap between English and German. However, that doesn’t mean the languages are mutually intelligible—they’re certainly not. The Netherlands does indeed boast a high degree of English proficiency, but people are nonetheless more comfortable in their native Dutch, and your Dutch audience will appreciate SRT subtitles in their own language.

Just because English and Dutch are closely related doesn’t mean there aren’t translation challenges. Dutch shares the V2 word order of German and the Scandinavian languages, where the conjugated verb in a main clause must come in the second position, with any other verbs appearing at the end. In dependent clauses, all verbs, including the conjugated one, come at the end. But you don’t have to worry about this—our Dutch subtitle translators are seasoned professionals who know how to create high-quality Dutch SRT files.

Don’t let amateurs handle your Dutch SRT subtitling services.

Quality matters when you’re ordering Dutch SRT subtitling services—awkward or inaccurate subtitles can confuse your audience or jolt them out of immersion. So, you need to rely on an experienced, time-tested team of professional Dutch subtitlers who can provide the SRT subtitle files you need, regardless of your project. A fast-paced action flick filled with slang? A historical drama that uses historical language? An educational video about theoretical physics? Don’t worry—our Dutch subtitling team can handle all this and more. offers high-quality Dutch SRT subtitles at affordable rates, allowing all kinds of content creators to easily access the markets in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Suriname. If you’re interested in learning more, simply shoot us a message!

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