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Get Bulgarian Subtitles in the SRT File Format From Us

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We’re your go-to supplier for high-quality Bulgarian subtitles.

As a content creator, you naturally want your work to reach as many people as possible. Whether you’ve created a full-length action film, a heart-wrenching TV drama, an immersive adventure video game, an educational online video, a catchy commercial for your business, or any other video content, maximizing the number of eyes on your content is all important. But if you only make your content available in English, you’re severely limiting your potential audience. So, why not add subtitles in other languages—like Bulgarian?

Fewer people around the world speak English than you might think, and even in certain European countries, such as Bulgaria, English proficiency rates are relatively low. But don’t worry— is here to help. We work with languages around the world, including Bulgarian, to craft professional subtitles you can rely on. Thanks to our team of experienced Bulgarian subtitling experts, we can provide reliable Bulgarian subtitles in SRT format for any number of projects, regardless of genre or subject matter. With us, you can connect with a Bulgarian audience like never before.

Why not reach out today and request a quote for our Bulgarian subtitling services? Quotes are free!

Why should you add Bulgarian subtitles to your content?

While Bulgarian’s not the biggest language in the world, with more than 6 million native speakers in Bulgaria and another 2 million outside of the Eastern European nation, it’s not a particularly small language, either. The language is spoken by minorities in Albania, Greece, Romania, North Macedonia, Moldova, Turkey, Serbia, Ukraine, and beyond, so it has a greater reach than you might think. And with the relatively low rate of English proficiency in Bulgaria, adding Bulgarian subtitles to your video content can offer you a huge new potential audience.

It’s also worth considering all the people in Bulgaria and the surrounding countries who are deaf or suffer from hearing impairment, as well. This community wouldn’t be able to enjoy your content even if it had Bulgarian audio, highlighting the utility of Bulgarian closed captions specifically. And professionally crafted SRT files have other uses as well—for instance, Bulgarians tuning into your online video from public locations may not be able to watch with audio, making Bulgarian subtitles essential if you want to connect with this audience.

Bulgarian: a unique language within the Slavic family

Bulgarian belongs to the Slavic language subfamily, which makes it similar to nearby languages like Serbian or Macedonian but also more distant languages like Russian or Polish. Since it’s written in the Cyrillic alphabet, many people may even mistake it for Russian. But Bulgarian sets itself apart from the rest of its Slavic cousins through several unusual grammatical features.

Like in other Slavic languages, Bulgarian nouns are divided into the masculine, feminine, and neuter genders. But the case system, which is extensive in most Slavic languages, is mostly relegated only to personal pronouns in Bulgarian. Bulgarian and Macedonian are also the only Slavic languages to feature a definite article, equivalent to the English “the,” although it’s attached to nouns or accompanying adjectives as a suffix. Another unique feature of Bulgarian is its verbal coding of evidentiality—in other words, Bulgarian has special verb forms to indicate the speaker’s source of information (witnessed, inferred, or reported). Bulgarian is a truly unique language—which makes it all the more important to rely on professionals for your Bulgarian subtitles.

Our passionate and diverse Bulgarian subtitling team is eager to work with your project.

If you’re looking for reliable Bulgarian subtitles delivered in SRT format, you can count on our team. Hailing from all corners of Bulgaria and elsewhere in Eastern Europe, our Bulgarian subtitling experts love making different types of content accessible to other Bulgarian speakers. They boast impressive resumés of experience on various types of projects—movies, TV shows, documentaries, games, online skits, and more—and some of them are even experts in additional fields, allowing them to navigate esoteric terminology.

We pride ourselves on our quality, accuracy, and affordability. With our Bulgarian subtitling experts, you’ll receive reliable Bulgarian subtitles as SRT files, the industry standard. Adding them to your project is easy, and then you’re all ready to conquer the Bulgarian-speaking market!

Our Bulgarian subtitling experts can’t wait to help you market your content to Bulgarian speakers—so send a message today and put them to work!

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